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Training our Sailors is the ultimate responsibility of the Navy's leadership structure. I've visited numerous boats over the last two years and found many DCPOs did not have the requisite level of knowledge to perform the PMS required on some of their own equipment.

When I conduct a damage control survey, I'm verifying the PMS is getting accomplished IAW the PMS MRC. Do you have the tools, material, or misc. equipment required? Does the equipment show that the PMS is being done correctly and does the DCPO have the necessary level of knowledge to perform the PMS? One of the best tools available for obtaining the knowledge is the Submarine Damage Control Petty Officer course. The course is three days long and taught at all submarine training facilities (CIN: A-495-2054). All submarine DCPOs are required by the Submarine Readiness Manual to attend this course, regardless if you're the divisional DCPO or the ships DCPO. It is the responsibility of the LPO/LCPO, of a division with DC PMS responsibility, and the command, to ensure all assigned personnel assigned the collateral duty of DCPO attend the course. Damage control readiness is the most important attribute for a submarine; but if the equipment doesn't operate properly, it doesn't matter how good you look!
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Title Annotation:submarines
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Date:Jul 1, 2003
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