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A deer or not?

The blind was on a hillside next to an old logging road. Couple hours later the fog cleared enough to show West Virginia hillsides are really cliffs. Saw a fast moving antler going uphill. Then he was barreling down the logging road at us. Grabbed the gun and went for the opposite window. I could see upward a bit to a heavy antler. Yelled "Stop!" as loud as I could. He applied the brakes stopping broadside to me. I lined upon his shoulder and then looked for his rack which was completely hidden behind a tree. Gone in two seconds. Really good skid marks where he stopped though. That's a trick you ought to remember.

Fog and rain stayed and we had a different blind in the afternoon. Lots of pretty, colorful, wet leaves and poor visibility. My kind of day again. Had three 309 JDJ rounds with me. Told Jane I was loading the lucky plated one. One buck carne in, then another, but neither were shooters. First one kinda' froze looking up-cliff. Then suddenly bolted up-cliff. The second one did the same and that was odd. A half-hour before dark Jane let me know someone was coming. A glance showed he was decent. I grabbed the Contender off the sandbag and waited for him to come past but he didn't. Nothing moved. Suddenly bis tail flipped and he bolted up the cliff. That tail was all I saw.

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Author:Jones, J.D.
Publication:American Handgunner
Date:May 1, 2013
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