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A day of knowledge.

Here are the sessions you may attend at SHOT Show University 2006.

[check] Growing Your Business with NSSF's Retailer Partnership Program. Learn from other retailers how no-cost programs like Step Outside, Scholastic Clay Target Program and the Original Outdoor Challenge advertising campaign have helped their businesses grow.

[check] Leveling the Playing Field and Prospering in the Face of Strong Competition. A panel of highly successful firearms retailers will share proven strategies to attract new customers, gain market share and enhance profitability, even in the face of the challenge of giant competition.

[check] ATF/NICS Boot Camp. Conducted by an ATF senior inspector, a NICS manager of retailer services and a former compliance manager for a large retailer, the session will help you better understand the ATF and NICS rules and regulations and what you need to know to pass your next ATF inspection with flying colors.

[check] Preventing Firearms Thefts. An ATF stolen firearms manager and an industry loss-prevention director will show how you are vulnerable to theft and what you can do to protect your store from being a target.

[check] Detecting and Avoiding Straw Purchases. An ATF special agent will detail some of the tactics being used to illegally acquire firearms and will help you learn to recognize and deter the illegal purchasing of a firearm for someone who is not eligible to buy one.

[check] Using Wireless Technology to Grow and Control Your Business. New technology can help you inventory, order, label and price your merchandise. You'll learn how to use this technology to take the headache out of figuring how many widgets to order and when.

[check] Ask the Experts -- The day's presenters will gather to offer summaries of their sessions and to answer your questions on firearms retailing.
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Date:Nov 1, 2005
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