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A day in the life...

FERGY the Alien is a mascot for leading self storage company Fergy Space, located in Northumberland Business Park West close to the junction of the A1 and A19.

The enormous green Alien is responsible for promoting the pounds 3m self storage facility and can be spotted across the North East complete in Ferguson overalls.

08.00: I love going surfing in the mornings, and stop at Tynemouth en route to work every day. The swell is perfect today and I leave the water energised, rejuvenated and ready to start the day.

09.00: I arrive at work and check the dairy for the bookings of the day - its jam-packed as usual, which is what I like to see. No one day is the same for me. I travel far and wide meeting different people, making children laugh, but there are many serious aspects to my job, such as representing Fergy Space in the charity work it undertakes.

10.00: This morning a group of local school students are visiting us so they can see firsthand the workings of a local business. I await their arrival alongside Alan Ferguson, who remains at the helm of his family-run company.

10.30: The students arrive and we lead them on a grand tour of the 90,000 sq ft storage facility. I pose for a variety of photos in the warehouse, in one of the 250 sq ft storage compartments and beside the original Ferguson's removal van, which was driven by the company's founding father in 1926.

12.00: Time for a break. I tuck into lunch and a glass of lightspeed lemonade. I am refuelled and ready for the busy afternoon ahead.

13.30: I arrive at a meeting at Metro Radio. Fergy Space supports the Metro Radio Cash for Kids campaign, so we have regular meetings to brainstorm new ideas to raise money for the charity. I ran in the Great North Run in September and we raised a staggering pounds 50,000.

15.00: On leaving the Metro Radio studios, I am flattered to be asked for an autograph by a passerby. I was caught on camera doing the Great North Run and I must say I am enjoying my celebrity status.

15.45: Back to the storage facility in time for the arrival of one of our many new customers, who has a truck full of items to be stored in one of our storage compartments. We help him unload and leave him to it. He has 24-hour access to the facility and with his own touch pad key access to his compartment, he can leave when he is ready.

5.00: The end of another fun packed day - I jump in my spacecraft and venture to outer space for a weekend with my family...


CHARITY WORK - Fergy the Alien
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Evening Chronicle (Newcastle, England)
Date:Nov 19, 2009
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