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A critic's comments.

... [tnr #37] is dominated by thoughts, meditations and evidence of loss. It opens with a lead article ... that is part personal observation and part a statistical compilation about the rapidly increasingly deforestation of the planet's rain forests. A salient quote: "Destroying the rain forests is comparable to destroying an unknown planet--we have no idea what we'd be losing. Yet if deforestation continues at its current rate, the world's tropical rain forests will be wiped out within 40 years."

Well, that's interesting, arguably true and certainly disturbing; but in the context of an arts journal, it seems a little inexplicably reportorial. Until, that is, one begins to read the ensuing stories and poetry.... All in all, tnr #37 is a powerful collection of works ... that do in fact deepen and enrich each other by spinning a hundred different skeins on a similar subject: the world, our lives, their fragility, all refracted through a plethora of souls. Makes for a pretty remarkable read--and a tough duty.

Walter R. Maroney

Lawyer, short story writer, and poet
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Author:Maroney, Walter R.
Publication:the new renaissance
Date:Mar 22, 2008
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