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A crash course; We love SOAPS.

Byline: Tess Lamacraft


Kerry should wear a fluorescent tabard with "DANGER" emblazoned on it. Wherever she goes disaster often follows - be it a drunken punch-up or raging house fire. In addition to which it's almost impossible to stop the 'pregnant' mum from shooting her mouth off - although sending her flying over the bonnet of a speeding car might be one way.

Calamity strikes on Wednesday when Kerry, rejected by Andy and planning to soak her sorrows in booze, heads off down the road and is struck by a tanked-up Adam, who's playing boy racers with little rat Robbie.

Amy is shocked to hear her "mam's" unconscious in intensive care (although, let's be honest, A&E is like a second home to Kerry).

Andy, meanwhile, wants to know if the baby is all right


BEDSIDE VIGIL: Amy is anxious

STRUCK DUMB: Gobby Kerry is hit by Adam
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Date:Jun 8, 2013
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