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A count of NCs at the show.

One tradition that goes back to trade magazines covering U.S. machine-tool shows of the late 1950s is to enumerate the displayed numerical controls by brand. Publications have long since abandoned the practice of counting, but now some NC producers have put their show-prep staffs to work, walking up and down the aisles to vie for bragging rights.

And so once again the Fanue Ltd. organization and rival Mitsubishi Electric (MELCO) each released its own nose count:
 Fanuc's MELCO's
 tally tally

Fanuc 32.1% 26.5%
Siemens/Yaskawa 29.8% 32.3%
Heidenhain 11.9% 11.5%
Mitsubishi - 4.0%
Fagor - 1.5%
All other 26.2% 24.0%

Total units 1,552 1,526

The Siemens organization, too, made its own count of NCs and came up with a total of 1,588. However, Siemens did not disclose the breakdown. Its director of marketing services says that even some of its own people could not distinguish a Siemens controller that is privately labelled to a particular machine-tool builder. Previous shows demonstrated that many--perhaps 40-50--of the NCs designated into the "all other" category were actually Siemens NCs in disguise, hiding behind another faceplate. "Moreoever," says Siemens' Bernd Heuchemer, "in a market in which many builders install whichever CNC the customer requests, it's more important to have your controller included in options lists of most machine-tool suppliers. In the European market Siemens clearly wins in that measure."

Mitsubishi Electric, Tokyo, Japan.49-2102-486-0.

Fanuc Ltd., Oshino-mura, Yamanashi Pref., Japan. 81-555-845661.

Siemens Automation & Drives, Erlanger, Germany, 49-9131-98-3618.
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Title Annotation:FROM EMO 2005
Publication:Metalworking Insiders' Report
Date:Sep 27, 2005
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