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A continuing saga.

The magical piece of Christmas ninety three

   Africa cleansed, from white to black.
   Angola foments war,
   Torture, Famine, Starvation.
   Somalia starves, Christians and Moslems bleed.

   European, food mountains mould.
   Fort Knox pours punitive gold,
   Into the Israel melting pot,
   Producing a Gaza holocaust.

   Croat's disembowel Moslems disembowel Serbs
   Disembowel Moslems.
   Mother Russia freed provides a nuclear threat,
   Promise's World holocaust.

   Adams--Paisley shall not negotiate peace,
   In the name of their God?
   As with invective they decry
   These Papists and the evil eye.

   Benevolent bureaucratic Politicians,
   Pour out
   Mental, Improvident, Sick, Workless, Children.
   Freely to Dickensian Streets.

The magical peace of Christmas ninety four

   Africa bleeds in Rwanda,
   European food mountains erupt.
   Africa starves,
   Mother Russia smothers a daughter.

The magical peace of Christmas ninety five

   Bombs disintegrate bodies in Ireland,
   Peace is with you.
   Bombs disintegrate children in England,
   Peace is with you.

The magical peace of Christmas ninety six

   Jews strike a peaceful note killing Palestinians
   Oppressed Palestinians, strike a peaceful note
      bombing Jews.
   In the World's interest Sadams children die,
   Why shouldn't they he cries.

   The magical peace of Christmas
   Searches for chemical destruction,
   Ignores the evils done to man,
   In its drugged solution.

The magical peace of ninety-seven

   Clinton the President
   Drags Sadam to his knees.
   We shall have submission.
   If you please.

   How dare an infidel survive?
   Against our war machine and Fort Knox gold.
   Whilst children die because of gold,
   In Allah's hands They survive.

   Boot licking, loving Britain,
   With blaring trumpets support's
   Its favourite son,
   Send its men with plane and gun.

   Whilst as of old its political might,
   Run for shelter and fulminate,
   Let its serving Army fight,
   This tragedy of might.

       --Is it right?

In the magical peace of Christmas ninety seven

   The Christian world raises its eyes to Heaven.
   Prays for this Sadam?
       Like Paisley and Adams?
         With a great Amen.

Magical peace of Christmas 98

   America with scurrying Britain
   Harasses Sadam with bombast,
   Slipping through the net they've set
   Iraqi's dying children are of no concern.

   Christian Serbs overpower Moslem Albanian's
   An ultimatum creates this conflagration.
   America and Britain
   Use firepower putting out the flames.

   America with Britain snapping
   Our whipping boys will fill the field.
   At the buttons touch,
   We shall belt Iraq into touch.

   With force of this might.
   Is it right that these evil powers?
   Will put the Serbians to flight.

The magical peace of Christmas 1999

   Clinton and Blair leading the way
   Fund the Albanian drug barons to other days.
   Mikalovic using the Serbian nation.

   Seventy days' aerial obliteration
   Bombed the Serbs to subjugation
   Albanians fuelled the altercation

   United nations embrace the proposition
   They shall reinstate Albanians.
   Providing sustenance for drug starved Europe.

   A resurging requirement for the peace of Europe
   To pacify the Serbians and Albanians
   Blast away their populations

   Angolan diamonds fund the warriors
   Young and old loose life and limbs
   Satisfying the warriors' greed.

   Haloed Seine Fein proselytizes
   Paisley hoarsely postulates
   America vainly negotiates peace

   Indonesia armed to the teeth
   By America and sympathetic Britain
   Subjugates the Timorese

   Timor votes for nationhood
   Blood shed identifies the falsehood
   Christians rejoice, Moslems retreat.

   The World changes
   Cyclones bring death,
   Aids bring death.

       The World changes,
       Earthquakes bring death,
       Starvation brings death.

       The World changes,
       Tornadoes bring death.
       War brings death to

       India, Pakistan, Afghanistan.
       Angola, Sudan, Rwanda, Morocco.
       East Timor, Indonesia, West Timor.

   The greed of man,
   Lining their tombs with Gold,
   Observed by God?
         Hail the second millennium.

Towards Christmas year 2000

   The year of the Can O P
   Cost the people billions.
   On family matters
   P M Blair consults his kids.

   Parliament sends our military might,
   Pacify peoples who kill and maim,
   Diamonds finance dealers
   Provide arms to kids.

   Sierra Leone the Gold coast people
   Taught with drugs, gun, and sword
   To maim and kill the infant population
   Provide arms to kids.

   Parliament sends our armour,
   To balance an unjust war
   People use diamonds
   Provide arms to kids.

   As in nineteen ninety six
   Jews srike a peaceful note killing Palestinians
   Oppressed Palestinians strike a peaceful note
         bombing Jews

   Saddams children die
   American/British sanctions apply
   Saddams children die.

C.J. Thomas (USA)
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Author:Thomas, C.J.
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Date:Jan 1, 2013
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