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A common understanding; Letters.

I AM rarely in agreement with Jeremy Beecham's views but I feel his letter regarding Israel printed October 6 hits the nail on the head. I totally agree with his views. I have only visited Israel twice and have an open mind on the situation but feel someone with knowledge, such as he, has to speak up.

Another point, we hear very little of in our news is the situation in Yemin. Saudi Arabia, a "friend" of the UK is apparently instrumental in the bombing of this country, along with other middle eastern countries. We do not hear of the thousands of innocent civilians being killed unless we log on to Oxfam's site. We are constantly bombarded with information about Assad being supported by Putin in Syria. Surely the innocents in Yemin are equally as important. Could it be that we must turn a blind eye to our "good friend". Whilst a forward country in many ways, backward in others, women, for instance, are not allowed to drive a car and must be chaperoned by a male relative.

Keep us informed, Jeremy.


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Title Annotation:Letters
Publication:The Journal (Newcastle, England)
Date:Oct 11, 2016
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