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A commitment to nonwovens.

A Commitment To Nonwovens

We talk a lot about "commitment" to nonwovens in this space every month. Whether we are questioning the dedication of a large multi-national company to its little nonwovens operation or praising the commitment of a small supplier in making nonwovens its core business, it is a term that comes up more and more frequently as our industry matures.

For that reason alone, every January we like to reaffirm the commitment we at Nonwovens Industry have towards the business whose comings and goings fill our pages every month. This year, in light of the failing of one of our major competitors, it is more vital than ever to tell our readers just how important nonwovens is to us...and how we remain completely dedicated to it.

The publishing of magazines for the nonwovens industry is our mission. The collection and dissemination of the news that makes the world of nonwovens go round is the little role we play in this very large business of ours. We take great pride in the accuracy, depth and insight that we bring to our publication. It is something we feel we have done very well for more than 21 years.

The year 1991 brings with it a few minor changes in Nonwovens Industry, some so subtle that if we didn't tell you about them you would hardly even notice them. But that is the whole idea, to subtly evolve Nonwovens Industry along with the nonwovens industry. We have a new Editorial Advisory Board made up of good friends and advisers from around the world, people who have played a vital role in our evolution. We are now publishing the EXECUTIVE REPORT, a twice-a-month, eight-page newsletter that brings the news of nonwovens to executives faster than available anywhere. And we are keeping on schedule with the increased frequency of the INDA Journal of Nonwovens Research, our quarterly joint publication with INDA, Association of the Nonwoven Fabrics Industry.

But in addition to these, even more subtle undercurrents are combining to make Nonwovens Industry a more important resource for the worldwide nonwovens business. We are continuing to tackle the vital topics, issues such as the IDEA/INDEX scheduling, the growth of an Asian nonwovens industry and the premature environmental claims being made by some of the disposable diaper producers. We are looking deeper into issues such as women in nonwovens and the image of our business among our customers, our suppliers and the general public. Through a greater number of speeches and outside contributions by our staff, we are gradually filling a role as industry spokespersons.

This role, and the many others traditionally played by the trade press, will define Nonwovens Industry in the 1990s. We have appeared on the desks of nonwovens executives in every corner of the globe every month since 1970 and we have no intention of changing that in the least. Our commitment to nonwovens is has been for 21 years. Expect the best from us and we will continue to provide it.

Sorry for the "commercial" this month, but in these turbulent times these sentiments needed to be expressed. As we say so often, no one knows the nonwovens industry like Nonwovens Industry.
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Author:Jacobsen, Michael A.
Publication:Nonwovens Industry
Article Type:editorial
Date:Jan 1, 1991
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