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A colorful life.

The buildings' simple shapes and bright colors give this painting a cheerful mien. Responding to growing disillusionment with industrialized urban culture, Miinter proposes a return to village life to rediscover human relationships and to improve--in contemporary parlance--one's quality of life. Even the snow-covered haystack contributes to the cohesiveness of the composition and implies the idyllic nature of a small town.

The other side of this Utopian dream reveals the artist's disappointment and her dissatisfaction with living in a city. Her yearning, common to many or all of us, asks profound questions: What gives my life meaning? Where might this be most fully realized? What lies within me that might be contributing to my unhappiness?

The author of the Book of Revelation writes about "a new heaven and a new earth." A "loud voice" specifies how this change will come to pass: "'God will dwell with them and they will be his people--and God will always be with them'" (21:1,3). For people of faith, living our relatedness to God and engaging with the world as God's reign are the key to finding meaning and purpose.

What are we seeking? How will this color the choices we make?

By Jerry Bleem, O.F.M., a priest and artist who teaches at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.

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Title Annotation:eye of the be holder
Author:Bleem, Jerry
Publication:U.S. Catholic
Date:Feb 1, 2020
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