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A closetful of bones.

A closetful of bones

For spring cleaning this year at the University of Oklahomain Norman, paleontologists did more than just dust off Late Jurassic jawbones. A search through the storage areas of the university's Stovall Museum revealed some surprises, including the tiny arm bones of a brontosaurus hatchling. This is only the second set of hatchling bones known to exist.

Unearthed during a Works Progress Administration projectin the 1930s, these and other bones were stored at the university but had never been closely examined due to lack of sufficient funds and staff.

The two arm bones, which appear to be from the sameanimal, indicate that the hatchling would have been 8 to 10 feet long, says Oklahoma's Kenneth Carpenter. He dates the bones to 140 million years ago.

Carpenter hopes that more bones from this animal are storedsomewhere in the "literally hundreds of boxes full of bones" that have yet to be examined. The hatchling remains will aid in determining the growth rates and appearance of the baby brontosauruses, which reached an adult length of 70 feet, says Carpenter.
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Title Annotation:bones of brontosaurus hatchling found in Stovall Museum at University of Oklahoma
Publication:Science News
Date:May 9, 1987
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