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A closer look at scopes: dispelling the optical confusion.

While scope manufacturers respond to constant consumer demand for improved products, dealers are the first source consumers turn to for the latest information. with the 1993 SHOT SHOW just around the corner, handgun and rifle scope manufacturers are gearing up to display their newest wares and compete for their share of your optics budget. The following are a few of the many scope introductions you can expect to see at the SHOT SHOW and into 1993.


"Bigger is Better" is the theory behind Nikon's most recent introductions to its extensive line of rifle and pistol scopes. The large-objective rifle scopes -- a 3.5 - 10x50 and a 4-12x50 AQ -- will offer hunters exceptional performance in the low-light condition of dawn and dusk.

Although many scope manufacturers have long used oversized lenses to gather more light, Nikon has also considered the notion that light must be transmitted with minimal loss in order to be effective. Nikon says it focused on multicoating its lenses for greater light penetration, which will provide higher contrast for detecting naturally camouflaged game in murky conditions.

The scopes are available in black matte and lustre finishes, and are compatible with the standard rings and mounts used on all other Nikon scopes.


In keeping current with the marketplace, Tasco has responded to shooters' demands by adding a stainless finish scope for use with stainless rifles. The new scope, part of the company's World Class line, is available currently as a 3-9x40mm with a 30/30 reticle and a field of view of 41 feet (at 3x) to 15 feet (at 9x). It features SuperCon multi-layered coating on the objective and ocular lenses, plus fully coated optics throughout to provide the shooter with a bright, clear view.


Burris has added the 2 1/2-10x hunting scope to its popular premium Signature Series, with a versatile enough power range for all-around big-game hunting and long-range varmint shooting. Burris' computer-designed Signature Series has 40 percent larger internal lenses excellent for all types of light conditions. The scope is available in high polish blue, non-glare safari, and a silver safari finishes.

Also new to the Burris line are two airgun scopes. The 4-12x mini airgun scope, with parallax adjustment from seven to 100 yards, is a tough compact scope designed to handle the recoil of airguns while retaining superb optics. The 6-24x Signature Airgun Scope is the premium airgun scope designed for the serious competitor who demands superior optical quality and high magnification for precision target shooting.


As Simmons Outdoor Corp. approaches its 10-year anniversary, it continues to make a strong impact in the optics industry with high-quality rifle and handgun scopes. Most recently, Simmons introduced its biggest objective lens in its top-of-the-line Whitetail Classic series for 1992. The line's popular 3.5-10x configuration will now be offered with a 50mm objective lens for exceptional light transmission, making it an ideal choice for hunters needing extra brightness in low-light conditions. The new scope -- Model WTC15 -- features Simmons' textured BlackGranite finish.

Speaking of finishes, the popularity of several new stainless rifles has prompted Simmons to offer matching brushed stainless finishes on three riflescopes: the 3.5-10x40mm Whitetail Classic, the premium-quality 22 MAG scope (designed to accommodate the special uses and capabilities of rimfire rifles), and the ProHunter Series including two stainless-finished scopes in 4.5x32mm and 3-9x40mm.


Aimpoint has introduced a red dot sight that combines speed and accuracy with built-in magnification. The 5000 2x, designed for quick shooting, has a 30mm tube, as well as unlimited eye relief. As with all Aimpoint scopes, this one is parallax free. With the flexibility to use on a handgun, rifle, or shotgun, this sight gives the shooter quick target acquisition with magnification.


After five years of testing and research to stay current with the increasing popularity of scoped handgun shooting, Leupold and Stevens, Inc., has introduced its first variable power handgun scope -- the Vari-X 2.5-8x. With 12 to 14 inches of eye relief, combined with 2.5 to 8 power magnification range, hand-gunners will have the flexibility for both target shooting and hunting.

To fill its niche in the low-light shooting arena, Leupold is now offering its Large Objective Variable (LOV) scope. The Vari-X III 1.75-6x32mm is designed for hunting big and dangerous game. Also new are two Extended Focus Range scopes for airgun shooting: the VARI-X III 6.5x20 Adjustable Objective, and the VARI-X 3x9 Compact EFR Adjustable Objective.

Another recent introduction is the Quick Release Mount System, allowing for quick detachment of the scope for storage, shipping and travel, or for times when the shooter is close to dangerous game where the use of iron sights might be an advantage. An added benefit to the shooter is the ability to carry an extra scope. The system fits the Winchester Model 70 and the Remington 700.


A revolutionary new rifle scope has come out of Steiner Optik -- Germany, called the Penetrator Infrared. Here's how it works: the Penetrator maximizes light transmission in the red part of the spectrum as far as the eye can see and beyond, into the infrared part of the spectrum. The scope simultaneously reflects green and blue light back into the woods, thereby reducing the visibility of the foliage and blue haze that hide game. This means the hunter will see game in richer colors and higher contrast.

The Penetrator is offered in three different configurations: 6x42, 1.5-6x42 and 3-12x56.

Bausch & Lomb

Again leading the field in scope innovation, Bausch & Lomb is offering several new scopes for rifles, shotguns, and handguns.

For rifle shooters and big game hunters, the Bausch & Lomb Trophy series now includes the Model 73-2545 with a new larger 45mm objective for maximum light transmission in low-light situations -- like when that buck appears at the edge of the forest just after sundown. The Trophy 73-2545 features 2.5-10x magnification, making it deal for all-purpose hunting from shots at less than 10 yards to accurate shots at maximum range.

The popular Bausch & Lomb Model 73-3940 Series, with a magnification factor of 3-9x and a 40mm objective, now comes in two new finishes to compliment hunting hardware: black matte and stainless steel. As hunters become more "rifle fashion" conscious, these all-purpose variable scopes will be big sellers.

For handgunners and shotgunners, the Trophy Series now includes the Model 73-0130, a 1 x 25mm illuminated dot scope with unlimited eye relief. The scope offers a 30mm tube with mounting rings, an external tube polarization filter, and amber coating.


Redfield offers a broad range of scopes. Its Ultimate Illuminator scope is a 30mm one-piece tube with 56mm adjustable objective. It is offered as a 3-12x with a European #4 Reticle or 4-plex reticle, with a satin or matte finish. The hand-assembled lens system assures a sharp, brilliant picture in dark timber, heavy shadows, and during the critical minutes of high activity at dusk and dawn. Each Illuminator comes with a set of 30mm steel rings, featuring Redfield's Rotary Dovetail Mounting System, and a set of protective, flip-up lens covers.

Redfield also manufacturers the Illuminator, Golden Five Star, Low Profile Widefield, and Tracker scopes, all in a variety of power ranges and finishes.


Colorado-based Pentax has added the 2-8x LightSeeker rifle scope, a high-power scope with a true 4x power increase in magnification. It is compact, durable, and lightweight, measuring less than 12 inches in length, and weighing only 14 ounces. It is available in High Gloss (blue), Pro (matte), and Satin Chrome finishes. This scope rounds out the Pentax rifle scope line by providing the versatility to go from low-power, both-eyes-open sighting of dangerous game to high-power varmint or target shooting. The LightSeeker is also now offered in a 3-9x variable power.

Pentax has also expanded its line of pistol scopes with a wide-range, high-power 2 1/2-7x scope. It features a recoil-proof Penta-Plex reticle, nitrogen-filled, fog-proof construction, and extra hard anodized finish.

All Pentax optics are treated with Pentax's exclusive seven-layer, super multi-coating, which cuts the reflection ratio down to a mere 0.2 percent per lens surface. This translates into better shooting accuracy.


Swarovski's Habicht rifle scopes feature the Nova ocular system with telescope recoil damping. This reduces the danger of injury considerably, in particular with shots aimed upward.

These scopes are available with steel and light-weight-alloy construction and are available with a mounting rail. Each lens has the multi-layer Swarotop coating, which guarantees excellent image reproduction even in unfavorable light conditions. They come in powers 4x32; 6x42; 8x56; 1.5-6x42; 2.2-9x42; 3-12x56; and 3-12x50P.

The Nova-A rifle scopes, which are also distinguished by the characteristics of the Novas are available in powers 4x32; 6x36; 1.5-4.5x20; and 3-9x36.
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