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A church or civil ceremony? ADVERTISEMENT FEATURE.

ONE of the main decisions when organising a wedding are where to hold the service and reception.

The choice is simply really: a traditional church service, a register office or a more modern civil ceremony where the venue can be the same for the service and wedding reception.

Civil wedding ceremonies are more popular than ever with over half of all weddings taking place in a register office or licensed venue.

And following the Marriage Act 1994, thousands of inspirational venues have been granted a licence for the solemnisation of marriage include hotels, stately homes, civil halls, restaurants, castles, sports grounds, schools, museums and even zoos.

The civil ceremony provides an ideal solution formany coupleswho are unable to opt for a traditional church wedding because they are not religious, or because their religious beliefs differ from each other. It''s also a good choice for people who have been divorced and are finding it difficult to arrange a church wedding.

Some people opt for a civil ceremony because they want a quieter, less lavish service, although this is not to say that civil weddings have to be low key. Some venues can hold hundreds of people.

Many venues offer a complete service including the hosting of the wedding ceremony, reception and accommodation so that people don''t have to travel from place to place. Another advantage is that approved premises often offer flexible hours so you can book them for a whole day on a Saturday, Sunday or Bank Holiday.

The civil ceremony mirrors a church ceremony in all but religious content, however it can be just as solemn and meaningful as a religious one.

Couples can personalise their ceremonies by adding readings and music (as long as they are secular) or even create a themed wedding, for example, by marrying in a castle in a medieval dress.

Adirectory of registered premises is kept by the General Register Office for England and Wales.

Your local register office should be able to tell you about the approved premises in your area.

The North West boasts lots of fantastic venues to get married in. To arrange a wedding in an approved premises you must contact the venue of your choice to make a provisional booking and the Register Office to ensure that the registration officers are able to attend your marriage on that date and time.
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Publication:Huddersfield Daily Examiner (Huddersfield, England)
Date:Feb 27, 2010
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