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A christian's advice to Dylan Thomas.

Do not rage against the dying of the light. Find how long shadows never cut the day, And gently go where there is never night. Those who are wise have faced their share of fright And having sought found then the surer way That does not rage against the dying of the light. The only good men are the one's with sight Enough to recognise the truth that they Are good from Good that still destroys all night. Wild men whose wildness fed their ego-might Worshipped too long the altar of their fray And did leave only raging at the night. Grave men who now have death their only sight Who failed to grasp the other sense of gay Fail, fail to enter gently that good night. And 1, who sought, found and grasped the height On which no shadows ever fall, now pray With rising expectations of the Light Praise, praise the dying of the night.
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Author:Whitehead, A.K.
Publication:Contemporary Review
Date:Sep 1, 1993
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