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A checklist of theses and dissertations on topics of New Zealand literature completed and currently in progress at New Zealand universities at 1 July 1991, and some theses held in other New Zealand locations.

This list has been compiled with the help of university English departments, and with reference to the Union List of Theses and Supplements. The Otago University list draws on the 1989 compiling work of Lynne McKenzie. L.E. represents available from Library or English Department.

Massey University, Palmerston North


Panny, Judith Dell. 'Allegory in the Fiction of Janet Frame' (1991)

Sandbrook, Patrick A. 'Robin Hyde: a Writer at Work' (1986)


Boldt, J. Dell. 'A Study of Two Long Poems by C. K. Stead' (1985)

Harris, G. R. 'A Reading of the Novels of James Courage' (1990)

Leggott, Julie. 'The Narrative Technique of Plumb' (1984)

Muirhead, J. 'The Social Thesis and Prose Fiction of Roderick Finlayson' (1971)

Nicholson, J. S. 'The Novelist's Pair of Tongs: an Investigation into the Literary Significance of John A. Lee's Novels' (1970)

University of Canterbury, Christchurch


Anido, David. 'The Genesis and Development of Landfall and its Influence in Relation to the Culture of New Zealand and the Commonwealth' (1972) L.

McNaughton, Howard D. 'An Examination of New Zealand Drama, with Special Emphasis on the Period Since 1944' (1975) L.

Roberts, Heather M. 'Private and Public Realities: a Study of the Subjective Novel in New Zealand' (1980) L.E.

Thomas, Elizabeth A. 'Appropriation, Subversion and Separatism: the Strategies of Three New Zealand Women Novelists: Jane Mander, Robin Hyde and Sylvia Ashton-Warner' (1990) 427pp.

Weir, J. E. 'Five New Zealand Poets: a Bibliographical and Critical Account of Manuscript Material. A Preliminary Checklist of Works Relating to New Zealand Poetry' (1974) L.E.


Goulter, John E. 'A Guide to the Use of Classical Mythology in the Poetry of James K. Baxter' (1980) E.

Harding, Bruce. 'The Janus Problem: a Search for Patterns in the Life and Fiction of Dame Ngaio Marsh' (1980) E.

Hillock, Margaret. 'The Poetry of the Numinous: a Study of Imagery in the Poetry of Ursula Bethell' (1981) E.

Leggott, Michele. 'The Poetry of Ian Wedde 1967-78' (1978) E.

Mullinder, Trevor. 'A Descriptive Account of Social Attitudes in the Fiction of Noel Hilliard' (1974) E.

Newton, J. G. H. '"That's Me Trying to Step Out of That Sentence": an Approach to Some Recent New Zealand Poetry' (1987) L.

O'Brien, E. J. 'A Critical Study of Selected Short Stories Written in New Zealand Since 1930' (1949) L.

Quigley, Sarah V. 'Charles Brasch, a Visual Poet: a Study of Natural Imagery in Charles Brasch's Poetry' (1991).

Sharplin, Janscie E. 'The Veil Removed: Reality, Identity and Dream in the Later Works of Robin Hyde' (1971) E.

Weir, J. E. 'Man Without a Mask: a Study of the Poetry of James K. Baxter' (1968) E.

Whelan, D. B. 'Alienation in the Novels of Sargeson and Davin' (1965) E.

Honours Extended Essays

Brewster, C. A. 'Albert Wendt: a Study of Irony in Relation to Theme and Character in Sons for the Return Home and Pouliuli' E.

Bushnell, P. R. 'The Directorial Style of Ngaio Marsh; a Descriptive and Comparative Analysis of her two productions of Julius Caesar' E.

Ditfort, J. W. 'Other Halves: Men in the New Zealand Novel' E.

Higgins, E. R. 'The Verse of John Summers' E.

Ogilvie, M. 'From Time to Time: the Changing Poetry of Allen Curnow' E.

Quigley, S. V. 'From England to New Zealand: a Study of the Local in Ursula Bethell's Poetry' E.

Walkey, J. 'J. R. Hervey: Early Life and Works' E.

Woodfield, D. J. 'God, Christ, and the Dilemma of Mortality: WorldView and Christian Mythology in the Poetry of R. A. K. Mason' E.

In Progess


Harris, Nancy. 'Blanche Baughan: Life and Works'.

Prentice, Chris. 'The Problem (atic) of Post-Colonisation: The Subject in Settler Post-Colonial Discourse'.

Stewart, Lorraine. 'The Autobiographical Element in Janet Frame's Writing'.


Melhop, Val. 'From Romance to Realism: the New Zealand Short Story'.

Underhill, Bridget. 'An Annotated Biobibliography of Publications in English by Maori'.

University of Otago, Dunedin


Ash, Susan. 'Narrating and Female Subjectivity in the Works. of Katherine Mansfield, Robin Hyde, Janet Frame, and Keri Hulme' (1990) E.L.

Harding, Bruce E. 'Lawless Lands: Violent Crime, Social Deviance and the "Lapsarian" Attack on Respectability in Selected Australian and New Zealand Fiction, 1829-1984' (1989) 2 vols.

Matthewson, Claire C. 'From Subject to Device: History as Myth in Action: the Evolution of Event From Mythic Processes as Revealed in Waterfront Dispute Fiction' (1986) 438pp., L.E.

Ojinmah, Umelo R. 'Post-Colonial Tensions in a Cross-Cultural Milieu: a Comparative Study of the Writings of Witi Ihimaera and Chinua Achebe' (1988) 287pp., E.


Fraser, Nicola A. 'Exploration of the Inner Life: the Influence of James Joyce and Katherine Mansfield on the Earlier Works of Virginia Woolf' (1976) 248pp., L.E.


Barnhill, Helen M. 'The Pakeha Harp: Maori Mythology in the Works of Four Early New Zealand Poets' (1972) 272pp., L.E.

De Lautour, C. R. 'New Zealand and the Novels, 1945-60: an Examination of the Use of Background in the Novels Set in New Zealand in this Period' (1963) 86pp., L.E.

Gilmore, Kyle R. 'The Responses of Two New Zealand Poets to their Physical and Social Environments' (1977) 203pp., L.E.

Harris, Margaret. 'The Natural World in the Poetry of James K. Baxter' (1982) 131pp., L.

Hart, Jane. 'Children in the Short Fiction of Katherine Mansfield and Janet Frame' (1987) 90pp., L.E.

Johnstone, Carol M. 'The Short Stories of Anderson, Hemingway and Sargeson: a Comparative Analysis of Mode of Regard, Fictional World, Form, Style and Technique' (1969) 229pp., L.

Lawson, Donald W. 'Greek Myth in Four Plays by James K. Baxter' (1974) 111pp., L.E.

MacLaurin, David. 'Dregs and Dreams: Alcohol Themes in New Zealand Poetry' (1986) 190pp. (Anthropology)

Monti, Antoine G. 'The Moral Function of Unreliable Narration' [in Ion Cross and David Ballantyne] (1988) 169pp., L.

Morris, Joanna K. 'From Jessie Weston to Robin Hyde: the Development of the Heroine in New Zealand Novels From 1890-1939' (1985) 99pp., L.E.

Murray, Heather M. 'The Theme of Rebellion in Katherine Mansfield's Fiction' (1987) 118pp., L.E. (Published with minor changes as Double Lives: Women in the Stories of Katherine Mansfield (Dunedin: Otago University Press, 1990)

Paisley, D. W. 'The Double Vision: Local and Universal in the Work of Two New Zealand Poets' (1966) 294pp., L.

Shaw, Warren. 'Another Shake of the Kaleidoscope: Social Change in Maurice Gee's Trilogy' (1986) 148pp., L.

BA (Hons)

Ballantyne, R. 'Janet Frame' (1972) 94pp., E.

Barringer, Tessa. 'Journey to the Edge of the Alphabet: Patterns of Imagery in the Early Novels of Janet Frame' (1991)

Lawn, Jennifer. 'The Linguistic Magpie: Polyphony in Owls Do Cry' (1989)

Lawson, Kirsten. 'Rebuilding the Palisade: a Comparative Study of Community in Patricia Grace's Potiki and Witi Ihimaera's Whanau' (1987) 40pp., E.

Lawson, Rachel. 'A Home in this World: the Woman Writer's Search for a Place in New Zealand Society' (1989) 88pp., E.L.

Phillipson, Alan. 'Professor Stead's Theory: C. K. Stead's Practice' (1990)

Raumati, A. Roimata. 'Biblical Archetypes in the Novels the bone people and Potiki' (1989)

Robertson, Stephen. 'What are You? Gender in Five Novels by New Zealand Women, 1898-1926' (1990)

PG Dip. Arts

Cahill, Maud. '"Happy Cakes and Sorrow Cakes": Maurice Gee's Meg as a Sequel of Plumb and as an Independent Novel' (1982) 76pp., E.

Cusack, G. D. 'Vincent O'Sullivan as a Religious Writer' (1980) 101pp., E.

Hamill, L. J. 'Both a Blessing and a Curse: the Dual Role of the Female Figure in James K. Baxter's Poetical Cosmology' (1988)

La Hood, Marie. 'The Mother Figure in Renee's Trilogy: Heroine, Victim or Angel at the Table?' (1990)

Low, Sarah. 'Bridges: the Use of Mythology in the bone people, Potiki and The Matriarch' (1988) 41pp., E.

In Progress


Barringer, Tessa. 'Inside the Lining of the Word: Word and Meaning in Janet Frame'.

Benson, Dale. 'New Zealand's Existential Novels and Short Stories'.

Burgess, Nancy. 'The New Zealand Short Story as a Genre of Spirituality'.

Cahill, Maud. 'Writing by Women in New Zealand 1880-1920'.

Murray, Heather. 'Writing in an Inhospitable Climate: Ruth France in the 1950s and 1960s'


Richardson, Patricia. 'A Place in this World: a Comparison Between the Provincial and Post-Provincial Vision of the Women Characters of New Zealand Fiction'.


Cheng, Lynnette. 'Family Life Through the Eyes of British, New Zealand and Malaysian Playwrights'.

Howe, Sarndra. 'Jane Mander's Attitude to Women'.

La Hood, Marie. 'On Stage, the Female Gaze: a Critical Exploration of the Female Hero as the Viewer and the Viewed in New Zealand Women's Drama 1980-1985'.

Limbrick, Peter. 'Masculinity and Sargeson'.

MacDonald, Katherine. 'Edith Searle Grossman'.

McDouall, Hamish. 'The Burns Fellowship'.

Shaw, Gavin. 'The Author-Function and a New Zealand Situation'.

Hocken Library, University of Otago, Dunedin

The following theses on New Zealand literary topics are held at the Hocken Library, and may be consulted at the Library, or borrowed through Interloan.

Baughen, G. A. K. 'C. N. Baeyertz and The Triad 1893-1915' (1980) BA(Hons), History, 126pp. University of Otago

Boyd, Sarah K. 'Images of Femininity: a Social and Literary Study of the 1920s and 1930s' (1985) BA(Hons), History & English Combined, 141pp. University of Otago

Brame, Gillian R. 'A Discussion of Theme and Image in the Major Fiction of Janet Frame' (1965) MA. Place unknown.

Brewster, Deborah R. 'A Decade of the Woman's Weekly, 1932-42' (1980) BA(Hons), History, 92pp. University of Otago

Brown, Ruth M. 'The Antipodean Sublime and the Appropriations of History: Patrick White's Australia and Janet Frame's New Zealand' (1990) DPhil, 268pp. University of Sussex

Clapperton, Barbara L. 'Early Otago Newspapers' (1949) MA, History, 213pp. University of New Zealand (Otago)

Geraets, John. 'Landfall Under Brasch: the Humamzing Journey' (1982) PhD, 364pp. University of Auckland

Lindsay, Mark G. W 'Being Grim and Gay: Dunedin Entertainment & Cultural Life 1938-43' (1984) BA(Hons), History, 123pp. University of Otago

Mercer, Gina. 'The Subversive Fiction of Janet Frame' (1989) DPhil, 331pp. University of Sydney

Simpson, F. A. 'Survey of the Newspapers and Magazines of the Province of Otago 1848-1889' (1948) MA, History, 161pp. University of New Zealand (Otago)

Wilkins, Elizabeth V. 'Thirty Years of Theatre in Dunedin 1875-1905' (1981) PGDip., 126pp. University of Otago

Dunedin Public Library

Gonley, Winifred K. J. 'New Zealand Life in Contemporary Literature' (1932) MA, University of New Zealand (Otago)

University of Waikato, Hamilton

Masters Theses

MacLennan, Carol H. G. 'Fictions and the Scope of the Artist in the Novels of Janet Frame' (1986) MPhil., 283pp. L.

Pearson, Leigh. 'Challenging the Orthodox: Sylvia Ashton-Warner, Educational Innovator and Didactic Novelist' (1984) MA, L.

Wells, Ceri P. K. 'A Study of Herbert Guthrie-Smith's Tutira: the Story of a New Zealand Sheep Station' (1979) MA, L.

In Progress

Murray, Stuart. 'Nationalism and Internationalism in the Literature of New Zealand', commenced April 1990. DPhil.

Theses: Various

Black, Gabriel. 'Eileen Duggan, New Zealand Poet' (1958) MA, Villanova University. At Canterbury University.

Dowling, David H. 'Katherine Mansfield: Her Theory and Practice of Fiction' (1976) PhD, University of Toronto. At Alexander Turnbull Library, Wellington.

French, Phyllis A. 'Twelve Women Poets of New Zealand: Imperatives of Shape and Growth' (1967) MA, University of Texas. At Massey University and Alexander Turnbull Library, Wellington.

Romanov, Patricia S. 'Toward a New Zealand National Theatre: a Study of Indigenous Professional Theatre in New Zealand 1945-1960' (1973) PhD, University of Oregon. On microfilm at Auckland, Canterbury, and Otago Universities (and at Hocken)

Walker, Nancy. 'Stages of Womanhood in Katherine Mansfield's "Prelude"' (1976) PhD, University of Massachusetts. At Waikato University.

Zinman, Toby S. 'The Snail Under the Leaf: Katherine Mansfield's Ironic Vision' (1973), Temple University, Philadelphia. At University of Auckland.

Supplements of this checklist will be published to include newly-completed theses, and work in progress, as well as theses held at the University of Auckland and Victoria University of Wellington.
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