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A celebration of deer.

As a group, deer are the world's most popular big game. Africa has its assortment of antelope species, plus far more dangerous animals. Bears also have many fans. But in terms of hunting opportunity, none can equal the planet's several dozen deer species, which occupy every continent but Antarctica. As goes deer hunting, so goes hunting itself.

Of course, this isn't news to us here at North American Whitetail. We've always known deer make the hunting world go around. So we're thrilled to see a celebration of deer hunting--with whitetails front and center--being featured Oct. 15-21 in "Deer Week," seven nights of dedicated TV programming on Outdoor Channel and Sportsman Channel.

Many hunting shows will bring special deer content to the channels that week. And these shows will be diverse. From the whitetail thickets of eastern North America to the sambar swamps of southern Australia, the networks will pump out a steady stream of content for serious deer enthusiasts.

Naturally, North American Whitetail TV will be part of the fun. We'll air an action-filled episode on hunting Alabama's Pushmataha Plantation on our Sportsman Channel episode premiering Oct. 18. We hope you'll tune in for that, as well as everything else the channels have to offer during this special promotion. For more details, visit: And as you can tell from our cover, Deer Week isn't the only celebration going on here at NAW these days. This issue commemorates our 35 years of publishing. To what was already our annual "how-to" issue we've added a ton of special anniversary coverage retracing our path from 1982 to present.


I wrote two features for the April-June 1983 issue before joining the staff in 1984. And some of you have been reading NAW all that time, or close to it. In fact, I've heard from readers who say they still have every issue since back in the '80s. We're humbled so many of you have found NAW to be worth reading, whether you've kept your old issues or not.

The history of this magazine is in many ways the history of modern trophy whitetail hunting. We've seen the pursuit of big deer evolve from a seasonal pastime into a year-round obsession. It's shaped rural economies and supported an industry of manufacturers, taxidermists, biologists, outfitters and publishers. I know I speak for all the above when I say we're grateful to have contributed to this lifestyle. And if history's any indication, neither these animals nor the industry they launched will be going away any time soon.

Our coverage of 35 key whitetail events and trends since NAW began starts on page 100. You'll also find special content about our early days on pages 22 and 144. I hope these reflections bring to mind fond memories for you, as they do for everyone on staff. And of course, I also hope they get you fired up to add to your personal whitetail history this fall.


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Date:Oct 1, 2017
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