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A catalogue of Russian avant-garde books 1912-1934 and 1969-2006.


A catalogue of Russian avant-garde books 1912-1934 and 1969-2006.

Ed. by Peter W. Hellyer.

The British Library


202 pages




The lithograph Mystical Images of War includes angels assaulted by biplanes. The cover of Clay Pigeons, a book of verse, is dynamic in its flying typography. Richard Barthelmess is interrupted under his enormous hat on a book cover, and an exhibition program features two youths sharing a single eye. Hellyer, Russian curator in the Slavonic and East European Collections of the British Library, expands on the vast assortment of examples of futurist and constructivist works while also presenting 400 additional entries in this edition, reflecting new discoveries and recent additions. Entries, which are sorted by artist, include translations of titles into English, provenance, and descriptions. Indices include those for artists, titles in Russian and English, and subjects. Hellyer includes 64 monochrome plates and helpful cross references. Distributed by the U. of Toronto Press.

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