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A case from "a Manuel on Crozat technic of orthodontia".

Bicuspid development 4 to 4

Start 32 mm.

Finish 40 mm.

Molar development 6 to 6

Start 41 mm.

Finish 50 mm.

A bilateral distrocclusion. This should mean only one thing. The upper first molars and both bicuspids of the upper arch are developed more than those in the lower arch. When these upper six teeth are in Pont's Index, put distal extensions on the body wire both upper and lower if necessary--at the same time upper and lower cuspids can be put into position. Arch development almost constantly follows the same pattern. Now when all development is finished, it is time to make the upper appliance passive. This is time for the high labial wire with its hooks. Use intermaxillary elastics until the upper posterior teeth are in anterior position balance with the lowers. Then is the time to bring the anterior teeth lingually--close all the molar and bicuspid teeth.




Look over casts--notice how the bicuspids and molars have elongated--even the mesio buccal cusp of the upper six year molar has tipped occlusally. This is the true virtue of Crozat appliances. Notice the loss of vertical on the starting casts and the good vertical on the finished case.




by Bert Wiebrecht, Copyright 1963

Self-published three years before Bert's book "Crozat Appliances in Maxillofacial Orthopedics"


In order to pin point the mentalis muscle to assure that it is passive, instruct the patient to hold down with the index finger and purse the lips. Tighten the "draw string" so to speak. Hold each pursing for about ten seconds to be positive patient performs this. Then relax. Repeat this ten times, night and morning. This aids in establishing a Cupid's bow mouth in the short upper lip cases. Have patient put a sticker on the TV or mirror to remind them to do the exercises.

When cuspids erupt, gonads start functioning, the most ideal time for arch development.
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Author:Wiebrecht, Bert
Publication:American Academy of Gnathologic Orthopedics Journal
Date:Dec 1, 2006
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