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A capital vision.

A Capital Vision

Come to Washington, D.C., this August ready to see and conquer.

What kind of organization will ASAE be when we arrive at the millennium? What about your association? What about your career? Begin to shape answers by attending ASAE's 71st Annual Meeting & Exposition, August 11-14, in Washington, D.C.

After a year of intensive work by ASAE's board, committees, members, staff, and allied societies, Chairman Kathryn E. Johnson, CAE, says she'll share the completed first step of the visioning process: the vision itself. "Because the process is ongoing, our picture at this moment is loose. We have three scenarios to work with," she says. "Next we move on to the complex task of implementation."

As ASAE works to craft the coming decades, so this meeting focuses on "creating your future" with substantive new programs for CEOs, associate members, philantropics, and others. Speakers such as William J. Bennett and Tom Wolfe will elucidate a view of America's future. Bennett, former drug czar and secretary of education and a new face in the nonprofit sector at the Hudson Institute, Alexandria, Virginia, will share his assessment of drug abuse, education, and our role in effecting change. Novelist Wolfe, whose recent best-seller is The Bonfire of the Vanities, will forecast a return to simpler values in the coming decade.

As you design your own program for the meeting, plan to participate in some of ASAE's innovations. These are first-time programs:

CEO forum. For CEOs only, this program's sessions are taught by a faculty including Frances Hesselbein, president of the Peter F. Drucker Foundation for Nonprofit Management, New York City.

Philanthropic conference. This one-day program will answer the particular concerns that philanthropic organizations have regarding volunteers, legal and tax tips, fund-raising, and affiliate relations.

Associate certificate. Focused sessions for exhibitors will count toward a new certificate program for suppliers. "Lead Qualification and Follow Up," for example, considers marketing costs, sales activities, and evaluating effective advertising. And "Boothmanship" focuses on making your booth stand out.

Problem-solving workshops. Of the hundreds of questions ASAE's Information Central is asked each month, a few of the most common are how to get staff to think service, how to implement a dues increase, and how to organize salary and performance plans. Brainstorm answers and take home solutions to these and another dozen questions in small workshops led by expert facilitators.

Self-assessment center. Take a holistic look at your health, leadership tactics, and personal coping mechanisms. The center is open throughout the meeting, offering short assessment sessions with consultants, self-tests to measure physical health and well-being, literature, and other resources to take with you.

Exhibit learning center. Materials and sessions for both exhibitors and association executives deliver the results of new research by ASAE and Incomm International, Chicago. The center includes a model booth and videotaped interviews spelling out what makes an exhibit work.

The social calendar is worth marking as well. Washington's Union Station lets just a few groups book the remarkable hall for events; Sunday night's opening party takes place there. On Monday and Tuesday, ASAE has a limited number of tickets for The Phantom of the Opera, at the John F. Kennedy Center. Tickets must be purchased in advance; see your complete program for details.

Washington is steeped in politics and history. This year's youth program takes advantage with the "Seminar in Civics," combining amusement with education and culminating in an informal graduation ceremony.

Kristin Staroba is senior editor of Association Management.
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Date:Jun 1, 1991
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