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A campaign questionnaire: talking points for pointy-headed politicians.

National elections are coming, and I have some questions and comments for the candidates. The problem is, campaigners for national office don't come out to places like mine in the High Lonely where voters are fewer than one per square mile. Like government itself, that ain't "cost-effective."

Maybe you can help. Lots of you live in places that are "voter-rich" enough to draw candidates like flies to picnic chicken, and you might just have the opportunity to buttonhole one or two and pin 'em down long enough to get some answers--or at least some reactions. I know you've got questions and concerns of your own, out perhaps you could slip a few in for me? Here goes:


The Warren Buffet B.S.: Billionaire Warren Buffet has become the administration's poster child punting higher taxes on those who make a million bucks or more annually, whining that he pays a lower tax rate on his stupendous stipend than is paid by his poor executive secretary. What he doesn't say is that he chooses to take his compensation from dividends, which are taxed at a lower rate, and for most people, dividends derive from income already taxed at a higher rate. He could simply instruct that secretary to have his checks paid as salary, and presto!, he'd pay higher taxes than her.

I'm in no danger of becoming a millionaire, bein' short by over $900,000 per year, but I've known people who cracked the million mark per annum. Most of 'em only achieved that after 20 to 40 years of bustin' their butts building businesses, with their employees saying things like, "He's the first one in and last one out; works like a slave," and "No way I'd wanta work like him! He's killin' himself!" Buffet, whose bankroll is $50 billion, says those people should pay more.

Every one I've known has plunged the bulk of those bucks back into their businesses, hired more people, supported growing families, and shared generously with their communities. If those meanie millionaires could keep every penny they made and repeat that performance perpetually, how long would it take them to rathole as much money as Warren Buffet? Fifty thousand years.

The whole question of "more" is a red herring; a distraction. The real question is "More? WHY?"

More Tax Tidbits

There's a lot of hot-air hoopla asking What is a "fair" federal tax rate? What's our "fair share"? We hear answers proffered in percentages: Ten percent? Thirty percent? Forty? Forget about percentages. Here's your answer: Federal taxes should fund the minimum amount necessary for the government to carry out its constitutionally-mandated functions--and only those!--effectively and cost-efficiently, period. Any more than that is just legalized looting.

"Fair share"? How 'bout having the federal employees whose salaries we pay, pay their own delinquent taxes? Government-wide, they owe $3.4 billion in back taxes. Thirty-six White House executive aides owe us $833,000! Cough it up! Congressional staffers--the people who write the legislation to plunder us peons--owe more than $10.6 million! Pay up, deadbeats! At the Department of Justice, 2,069 employees are stiffing us for $17 million! Why don't they spin their chairs around and arrest each other? Shell it out, scofflaws!

"Fair share"? Clean up your own house before pillaging ours any more, OK? Those who can't balance a budget are unqualified to say what the fair share is of those who can.

Is there any evidence whatsoever to assure us you might spend our tax money wisely? That you won't spend $4 for every $2.50 you take from us? The evidence says no matter what we pay, you'll spend all of it and more--then bill our children for it.

We keep hearing about "redistribution of wealth," like it's some new idea. You've been doing it since the inception of income tax. And stop using the word "wealth." We don't have wealth; we have "what's left of our earnings." So be honest and say, "We want to redistribute what's left of your earnings." That'll get you some interesting reactions.

The tax code is 72,536 pages now, backed by 2.5 million pages of regulatory interpretation and tax court case law. Nobody understands it, including IRS attorneys, who routinely fail quizzes on tax questions. We spend 6.1 billion hours per year working on tax compliance. That equates to 3 million full-time jobs. Do you have a tax reform plan? If it doesn't involve gasoline and matches, it ain't gonna work--and we can't afford that much gas.

Here's a personal safety tip: Never tell working Americans how many days of the year they labor just to support the cancerous growth of the federal bureaucracy and your deficit spending. This could result in the panoramic view from your office being blocked by hordes of people bearing torches and pitchforks.

Random Shots

Three years ago lots of "sophisticated intellectuals" were gleefully crowing that we stood on the brink of becoming like a "modern European Socialist state." Were you one of them? Oh, they were giddy with sophisticated programs! Now, across the European Union, the ratio of government debt to gross domestic product is over 80 percent, and in a couple of EU countries it's over 100 percent. Our debt is now equal to the 27 EU countries' economies! That "brink" has become the edge of an abyss. They're strangling on sophistication, and dragging us with them.

Do you understand that "freedom of religion" doesn't mean "freedom from religion"? We do, and if you don't, you better learn.

Do you know what the Cloward-Piven Strategy is? It's a game plan for toppling our democracy by using its own social welfare and entitlement systems to balloon its debt, inflate its bureaucracy, bankrupt the nation and collapse its economy, clearing the way for a Socialist takeover. It's working. Do you know who's working it? If you don't, you're not qualified for office.

Do you agree that we need to secure our borders? Neither another massive amnesty program nor wholesale deportation can solve the illegal immigration problem unless and until our borders are secured. Secure them first, and you can debate the issues for a decade. Don't tell us it's too big a job. We've done interstate highway, rail and dam projects bigger than securing the borders. It's only too big a job if it's a pork-loaded, corrupt and incompetent job--a typical federal government job.

Well, dang; 12 more pages of notes, and no more space. Good luck pinning down a politician! Just be sure to wash thoroughly after handling one ... Connor OUT
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Title Annotation:ODD ANGRY SHOT
Author:Connor, John
Publication:Guns Magazine
Date:Apr 24, 2012
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