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A call to get ready.


The potential dynamics of association activity in the global arena between now and the year 2000 is monumental. We will become more interdependent globally, and North America will continue to be extremely influential in the continual development of trade, technology and leadership.

We have a history of openness to the rest of the world. For years we have welcomed immigrants, trade competition on goods and services, and capital investments. We will experience much technological change and vast productivity growth in the years ahead. Understanding current conditions is important to forecast future circumstances.

Associations, through the sharing of ideas and group effort, have been able to effectively raise standards and professionalism in the business world.

Trade associations and professional societies are going to be considered deficient and wanting in leadership if they are not willing to help their members in the Europe of 1992, and they will be denying their membership the possibility to take advantage of opportunities if they do not provide that leadership.

What should the role of associations be in foreign markets? Associations have learned how to get things done together, and we can use those strategies globally.

Contacts, networking, joint action - associations have the best possibility of assisting trades and professions in working with government agencies. Because associations usually have good demographic information about the field and know the direction and interest areas of the members, they are the conduit for action.

Associations have gained a great deal of power and prestige over the past several decades. They have achieved this enviable position by concentrating their efforts on predicting trends rather than responding to them, on initiating strategic economic actions rather than reacting to a struggling economy, on communicating important information in a formalized manner rather than relying on unfounded information.

Associations can achieve this status on a global level through a collaborative effort. Let's keep our association strong and make a significant impact on global unity.
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Title Annotation:Executive Director's Corner; trade associations and professional societies global activity
Author:Milne, J.
Publication:Canadian Manager
Date:Dec 22, 1990
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