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A brief gallery of cast metal art: a reflection of our times.

A Brief Gallery of Cast Metal Art: A Reflection of Our Times

"All nature is but art.....unknown to thee." So wrote Alexander Pope in an effort to explain the role of art in our lives. It was his way of expressing what the artist so intensely and nobly senses of life in all its shades; how the artist interprets what we see and feel in ways that let us experience, too, the limitless beauty and wonder of life around us. We are invited to look through the eyes of the artist, and be made richer for the sharing of a captured idea or moment in time.

PHOTO : "Standing Star" by Robert Wick bronze Southern Ohio Bronze

PHOTO : "The Good Shepherd" by Tom Corbin bronze, life-size Deggingers' Foundry

PHOTO : "Monkey Business" by Mark Lundeen bronze, life-size Battle Mountain Foundry

PHOTO : "Settlin' The Dust" by Pat Haptonstall bronze, half life-size Dykeman Art Foundry Inc

PHOTO : "The Alpheian Nymph" by Frank Brokenshaw bronze, 65" high Coryat Casting Co Inc

PHOTO : "Mozart" Ed Kasprowicz bronze, 24" high Ed Kasprowicz

PHOTO : "Untitled Bronze" by Julius Schmidt 63" high Univ of Iowa Sculptors Foundry

PHOTO : "Life Masks" by Connie Gallotti and Petra March bronze Artcast Inc

PHOTO : "Mother Teresa" by Donna Pickett bronze, life-size The Maiden Foundry

PHOTO : "Woody & 49er" by Barney Bright bronze, life-size Bright Foundry

PHOTO : "Beetles" by George Foster bronze George Foster Foundry

PHOTO : "At Eagles Glance" Denny Haskew bronze, 24" x 15" Art Casting of Colorado

PHOTO : "Flora" by Jo Hess bronze, 40" high Art Casting of Colorado

PHOTO : "Mule & Man" by Tom Tischler bronze, life-size Kasson's Castings

PHOTO : "Papa Guayo" by Paul G. McNutt bronze on brass Loveland Sculpture Works

PHOTO : "Cowboss" by Garland Weeks bronze, 40" x 20" Art Casting of Colorado

PHOTO : "The Whaler" by Jim Gray bronze, 8'6" Schaefer Art Bronze Casting

PHOTO : "Spring" by Natalie Krol bronze, 21" American Arts Foundry

PHOTO : "Pops" by Ed Hlavka bronze, life-size Bronze Services of Loveland

PHOTO : "Peace Through Trade" by Duncan McKiernan bronze, 30" x 18" McKiernan Fine Art Bronze Foundry

PHOTO : "Legacy" by Dr. Robert Taylor .999 silver, 44" House Bronze

PHOTO : "Kindred Spirits" by Dawn MacNutt bronze, life-size Artcast Inc

PHOTO : "John Wayne" by Robert Summers bronze, 9'2" high Hoka Hey Fine Arts

PHOTO : "Girl In A Swing" by Russ Faxon bronze, 9' x 9'6" Precision Casting

PHOTO : "Strikes With Thunder" by Dave McGary bronze, 34" House Bronze

PHOTO : "Abyss" by Kay Lynn bronze and brass, 38" x 45" Kay Lynn Studios

PHOTO : "Requiem For Prince William Sound" by Kent Ullberg bronze, 26" x 8" Art Casting of Colorado

PHOTO : "Leaping Rainbow" by Jack Ward silver plated bronze, 18" Ward Sculptural Arts Foundry

PHOTO : "Gorilla" by Sherry Sander bronze, 70" Best in Bronze, Inc

PHOTO : "Untitled" by Oliver Tiura bronze Lakehead University

PHOTO : "Tabernacle" and "Cross" by Emil Telizyn bronze, enameled and gold plated cross, 3', tabernacle, 30" x 24" x 24" MST Bronze Unlimited

PHOTO : "Pearl and Chouteau" by Laura Griffith cast iron, 6" x 8" x 10" Hawkeye Sculpture Foundry

PHOTO : "Meerkats" by Donna Quasthoff bronze, 18" x 14" x 12" Nambe Mills

PHOTO : "Lunch Break" by Hugh Sims bronze, 8" Boyce Bronze Casting

PHOTO : "Winged Form" by Carl Billingsley bronze, 6" x 8" x 10" Univ of North Carolina/Greensboro Art Foundry

PHOTO : "Titania" by Dennis Knight bronze

PHOTO : "The Temple" by John Poole cast iron, 14" x 39" x 12" Smith Foundry

PHOTO : "Ternana Alter" by Beverly Pepper ductile iron, 7'10" high J.C. Steele & Sons

PHOTO : "Fishermen's Memorial" by Ron Petty bronze, cast stone column, 28' Robert Mortenson Foundry

PHOTO : "Tearing The Braids" by Harry Weber bronze, 20" x 16" x 14" Scott Metal
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Title Annotation:special section: Artcasting '90; classic examples of metal casting in sculpture
Publication:Modern Casting
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Date:Jul 1, 1990
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