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A breezy recipe.

Today was a very breezy day. Cow did not want her tail hair to get messy and tangled, so she decided to stay inside. She reached for her frilly apron. "I will bake a cake," she said happily.

Cow washed her hooves. She got out her bowl, spoons, and cake pan. Then she turned on the oven and opened her cookbook. "Moo ..." she sighed, flipping to page 10. "This recipe sounds yummy!"


Cow began to read the ingredients: "Three eggs; 1 cup sugar ..." She cracked the eggs into the bowl and added the sugar. When she reached for her spoon, a sneaky breeze blew through the window and turned the page of her book.


Cow read the next ingredient: "Two diced tomatoes ..." Cow diced the tomatoes and put them in the bowl. As she stirred the batter, another breeze blew in and turned the page.

Cow read on. "Three mashed bananas ..." She peeled and mashed the bananas and put them in the bowl. Then a billowy breeze blew in and turned the page again.


"One grated potato ..." read Cow. She grated a potato into the batter. "Two cups flour." Cow measured the flour and mixed it in. Then she poured the lumpy batter into the pan. A most unusual recipe, Cow thought to herself as she slid her cake into the oven.


Cow made a cup of clover-spice tea while she waited for her cake to bake. When it was done, she took it out of the oven to cool. Then she frosted it with pink icing. Cow could smell the mashed bananas and grated potato. Her mouth began to water. She cut herself a big slice and took a bite. "MOO-licious!" sighed Cow. "I will bake this cake on very breezy days. I am so glad I found this recipe!"

Illustrated by Robin Boyer

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Author:H.S., Radha
Publication:Humpty Dumpty's Magazine
Article Type:Short story
Date:Mar 1, 2010
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