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A blight on the region.

Inch is one of the most notorious graffiti taggers on Tyneside responsible for thousands of pounds of damage.

Police appealed for help in catching vandals responsible for causing hundreds of thousands of pounds of damage across the North East last year.

Among the targets was a vandal using the name INCH who has sprayed his unique signature on scores of buildings and bridges.

INCH has spawned a series of copycats who police also want to track down.

His tag can be seen across the region from Sunderland to North Tyneside and has even been sprayed onto the escalators at Central Station Metro.

Officers also said they were worried youngsters are putting their lives at risk by scaling up buildings to put their names in prominent positions as well as near electrical cables.

Police in Gateshead launched an operation to catch the main offenders after complaints from the public.

They carried out undercover surveillance in a bid to catch INCH and the tagger using the name KNT.
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Publication:Evening Chronicle (Newcastle, England)
Date:Aug 2, 2004
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