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A bit of a crumb do; CINEMA OAPS IN BISCUIT ROW.


ELDERLY cinema-goers have been threatened with a ban after being accused of bullying, queuejumping and swiping free biscuits.

Odeon bosses say some of the over-60s customers at their weekly Silver Screen events have upset staff with "unacceptable and juvenile behaviour".

Some have shoved staff while others hog the best seats for their friends.

A greedy few have even been stuffing pockets with the Rich Tea and bourbon biscuits given away at screenings.

Now, managers at the Leicester Odeon have handed out letters to the 100 Silver Screen regulars, warning the cheap Wednesday morning sessions may end if behaviour does not improve.

The note said a minority of the elderly customers had UPROAR Odeon fans a "negative impact on what was once a happy occasion". It added: "Staff are here to help you. They are not here to be threatened, pushed, bullied, harassed and intimidated.

"Please do not bang on doors. Please do not save spaces in the queue for acquaintances who have not arrived.

"Guests have been known to line pockets and Tupperware boxes with biscuits. This is not fair on those guests who are left with nothing."

Odeon regular Christine Hewkin, 69, said: "Bad behaviour has been going on for a long time and it will continue if the cinema doesn't make a stand."

But John Gough, 74, who goes to Silver Screen with wife Shirley, said: "The letter was unnecessary. The manager could had a quiet word with us all before a screening."

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UPROAR Odeon fans Shirley and John
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Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Date:Apr 25, 2009
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