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A bevy of fresh faces open the new year at the WOW.

Byline: Mark Baker The Register-Guard

The WOW Hall's first show of the new year is a chance to catch some young, rising indie rock bands from around the country that, as is becoming more and more the norm, have launched their careers with help from the Web.

The Draper, Utah, sister act of Meg & Dia - which launched a monthlong national tour with Daphne Loves Derby, Ronnie Day and House of Fools on Thursday in Seattle - is among three "new artists you should know about," according to Rolling Stone's year-end double issue.

"Something Real," Meg and Dia Frampton's second album. hit record stores in August. It "features close, pristine harmonies on heavy-hearted emo tunes like the `East of Eden'-inspired `Monster,' which draws on 21-year-old guitarist Meg's fascination with (John) Steinbeck, (J.D.) Salinger and George Sand," the Rolling Stone blurb says.

"When we sit down to write," says singer Dia, 19, "Meg can spit out the next thing I want to say."

They also have voices you should know about, and pay attention to. Just listen to "Something Real" and that "Monster" track, which has somewhat of a revved up Cranberries-style thing going on:

"Monster? How should I feel?/ Creatures lie here/ Looking through the window .../ That night he caged her/ Bruised and broke her/ He struggled closer/ Then he stole her."

The Korean-American sisters - who are not related to the guy who sang, "Do you, you, feel like I do," in case you were wondering - formed their first band in their hometown of Draper when Meg Frampton, the duo's main songwriter, was in the eighth grade, she says.

"After I experienced my first heartbreak and I thought the world was going to end, the natural way to console my tattered heart was to write a song," Meg Frampton says in a press release.

In addition to the Rolling Stone kudos, the sisters also were included last year in the Alternative Press magazine's "100 bands you need to know."

You can find out more about Meg & Dia at www.myspace /megdia.

Fans like sound of Ronnie Day

And speaking of MySpace, that's where it all began for Ronnie Guglielmone who, being no marketing slouch, asked his modest fan base to give him a new surname. Ta-da! Ronnie Day was born.

The up-and-coming singer-songwriter from Redwood City, Calif., will play here six days shy of his 19th birthday. He released his second album, simply called "The Album," in Novem- ber.

Day's music is raw. Much of this new album is based on his breakup with the hometown girlfriend, Jamie, who cheated on him and broke his heart.

And it's likely to make some local teenage girls weak in the knees.

"When I started recording, the sessions were naturally love songs about Jamie," Day says. "Then I went home to visit her one night and was sitting outside of her house in the freezing cold when she pulled up with this guy.

`I wasn't angry, I was just insane, and the rest of the story unrolled into this album."

Daphne Loves Derby is getting ready to release its second album in March, "Good Night, Witness Light." The Kent, Wash., band gained momentum via the Internet when it got nearly a million downloads before even releasing a record.

The six-member House of Fools from Greensboro, N.C., has a sound that's been compared to the Beatles, the Eagles and Elliott Smith, according to a review at

"Josh King's slick voice and thoughtful lyrics force a feeling of leaving something behind and moving onto something new," the review said.

Ah, forced feelings. Nice.

Ronnie Day probably could relate.

CONCERT PREVIEW Daphne Loves Derby, Meg & Dia, Ronnie Day, House of Fools What: Emerging indie rock bands kick off first WOW Hall show of the new year When: 7 p.m. today Where: WOW Hall, 291 W. Eighth Ave. Tickets: $12; $10 advance

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Date:Jan 12, 2007
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