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A better way to celebrate Christmas.

The time is early December. A family of four drives to a suburban mall to do some Christmas shopping.

They decide to shop separately so that the presents they purchase for each other might be kept secret. Before they split up, the father says, "Let's synchronize our watches and agree to meet in the parking lot at five o'clock sharp.

" The four adjust their respective watches. Then the mother turns to the father, and with hand outstretched says, OK.

Now, let's all synchronize our wallets! And so this is Christmas! A letter has been preserved, from the year 1827, in which an American bishop made the following observation: "The devil has stolen Christmas from us. The devil has stolen Christmas, the day of our spiritual redemption, and converted it into a day of worldly festivity, shooting and swearing.

" To which, quite recently, someone added these words: "If the bishop thought the situation bad in 1827, he should see us now! December is an absolutely chaotic month! Frantic shopping, double and triple parking, office partying, and all the rest. The devil has stolen Christmas from us too!" But not really if we know how to celebrate it correctly.

HERE ARE THE POSITIVE WAYS TO CELEBRATE CHRISTMAS: 1. It is a good time to make peace with the members of the family.

A season when we can put aside family disputes or differences, and then agree to disagree. Business ( Article MRec ), pagematch: 1, sectionmatch: 1 2.

Bring home an orphan at least for a few days. Share with that child the blessings of the holidays, I know a lot of people who are inviting a kid over to their homes this season.

Let that kid be a part of your holiday dinner, make him or her smile. 3.

Do not waste food. Rather than spending all our money on "special food" for Christmas Eve, why not set aside a budget to buy basic goods like rice, or canned fish for those who cannot afford? 4.

Believe in miracles. They happen all the time and we just need to pay attention.

5. Explain to your children the real meaning of Christmas.

Why God, the all powerful, all knowing and all present Creator would clothe Himself with humanity so that He would one day take up the punishment of sin on Himself so that you and I who put our faith in the Risen Lord would spend the rest of our lives with Him in eternity. 6.

Be extra sweet to your spouse and make it a real treat by being extra kind to your in-law's too. They're not your outlaws unless you make them! 7.

Realize how wonderful your life is, and thank God for giving us a country where we could be free to worship Him in spirit and in truth. 8.

Honor and acknowledge the people who have helped you the entire year. Your boss, your friend, your team leader and tell them how important they are in your life.

9. Honor and acknowledge the people who have been serving you.

Those seemingly nameless and faceless people who are most often neglected by people. And these would include your messengers, janitors, security guards and helpers in your house.

10. Sing music is a universal love, it promotes laughter and happiness. 11. Thank God for this day.


after all, it is for Him that we celebrate. And so Christmas is not just about shopping, food, wine and partying, it's about the greatest love demonstrated to us by that Baby born on a manger, dying on the cross and resurrecting from an empty tomb in order to give us life.

And when we look at Christmas this way, no one, including the devil can ever take it away from us. (Mark your calendar, as Francis Kong runs his highly acclaimed Level Up Leadership seminar-workshop on Jan.

16-17, 2018 at SEDA Hotel, BGC. For registration and inquiries contact April at +63928-559-1798 or register online at www.
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Date:Dec 16, 2017
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