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A bee to brighten your home.

Whimsy is always good and keeps heads cool, especially as the summer is at its warmest. Add this Buzzy Bee and a sense of fun to just about anything you've got going on at home-a flower arrangement on your table, twirled around your table napkins or around water goblets!

You will need:

Fuzzy wires (available at National Bookstore)


Twirl the fuzzy wire around your finger and compress to form an oval shape.


Loop the black fuzzy wire, leaving two-inch length at the ends, and twist.


Compress the big loop, take into the center and twist to form two loops.


Twist the formed black fuzzy wires onto the yellow and black fuzzy wires that have been formed into the body of the bee to complete its form.

Your Buzzy Bee can now brighten your home!

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Publication:Philippines Daily Inquirer (Makati City, Philippines)
Date:Jun 7, 2017
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