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A bad week for kings, a sad week for Reds fans and the first rail delay; MY SHOUT THE FACT MASTER KNOWS WHAT HAPPENED AND WHEN.

Byline: Wild Humphrey

| September 25 THE Battle of Stamford Bridge was fought just outside York today, in 1066, and King Harold II defeated the Vikings, led by King Hardrada. After the battle, the victorious Harold marched his men all the way to Hastings, where another conflict was looming.

| September 26 WILLIAM II was crowned King of England this September day in 1087, just 17 days after the passing of his father, William the Conqueror. The new king reigned for 13 years before succumbing to a fatal arrow which "accidentally" struck him in the chest in the New Forest.

| September 27 THE world's first steam locomotive passenger train journey took place today in 1825, with the opening of the Stockton to Darlington Railway. Thousands of people turned out to witness the momentous event, but they all had to wait, because the train was delayed.

| September 28 GOOD King Wenceslas was murdered this very night in 935AD as he stood on the steps of his local church, and his killers included his own brother. Wenceslas was never actually King, he was a Duke, and in death he became the Patron Saint of Bohemia.

| September 29 THE world of football was in mourning today in 1981, as news broke of the untimely and sad passing of Bill Shankly. The great "Shanks" had transformed Liverpool Football Club from a Second Division side into a Bastion of Invincibility, driven by his very own "Nature's Fire".

| September 30 KING Richard II abdicated the English throne this September day, in 1399, in favour of his cousin, Henry IV, but Richard was in fear of his life and had no choice in the matter. The young King was promptly locked away in Pontefract Castle and starved to death.

| October 1 BORN this morning in 1207 was King Henry III, who ascended to the English throne at the age of just nine years. His reign was rocky, to say the least, and he found himself twice locked up in the Tower of London, firstly by his son-in-law, Simon, and then by his own son, Edward.

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Publication:Liverpool Echo (Liverpool, England)
Date:Sep 25, 2018
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