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A bad way to treat disabled.

I am writing to make readers aware of what I consider to be a ridiculous situation regarding disabled travel.

I am profoundly deaf and my balance is affected. As such I am entitled to a free disabled bus pass, which I have used since their issue in June 2002.

This morning I dropped mine. Due to my disability I was not aware of this for some minutes. I retraced my steps but, despite a thorough search, could not find it.

I went to the Connect to Cardiff office in Marland House and submitted a form for a replacement and paid the pounds 5 levy.

I readily understand the need for this charge. What I find objectionable is when going to the Cardiff Bus office in Wood Street, I am told that despite the fact that I can quote the serial number on the lost pass, the number for the photocard that preceded it and supply documentary evidence to substantiate that I am disabled, I am told, 'If you lose your pass you have to forego the concessionary allowance until it is replaced, and pay full fare."

This is a double whammy as you are paying out pounds 3.50 for photos for a bus pass photo card plus paying an extra pounds 6 difference each week in fare tariffs.

I do not feel that this embraces the spirit of the Disabled Discrimination Act at all, and that while it may be Cardiff Bus' policy it certainly needs to be reviewed as it does nothing to endear them to an already disadvantaged section of the community.

Peter Drake

Horwood Close, The Moorlands, Splott, Cardiff.
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:South Wales Echo (Cardiff, Wales)
Date:Jul 7, 2004
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