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A Y-shaped counter was the answer.

A Y-shaped counter was the answer

Wrapping around a corner, this Y-shaped counter divides a remodeled kitchen from the adjacent family room. As the sketch above shows, the arms of the Y run along the walls, and its base becomes a peninsula that projects from the corner at 45|. By angling into the family room, the peninsula actually increases the size of the kitchen.

Although each element of the counter is almost the same length, width varies: the side against the kitchen wall is 24 inches deep; the peninsula widens to 46 inches; and the family room side narrows to 18 inches. For parties, this last arm often serves as a buffet.

Also on the family room side, the 37 1/2-inch-high counter overhangs the peninsula's base by 16 inches. Stools that store beneath the overhang make this an informal gathering place for snacking or chatting with owners Lois and Martin Shickman while they prepare meals.

Design was by Will Sharp, Los Angeles.

Photo: Narrow arm of counter extends toward the wider tile surface that overhangs stools. Down-venting cooktop is built into kitchen side of peninsula
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Date:Oct 1, 1987
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