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A World Religions Resource Guide.

A World Religions Resource Guide (Tony Muhitch Pub., 11 Walmer Rd., #205, Toronto, Ont. M5R 2W9; 416-944-2726;; $18 ihcl. taxes and postage). Reviewed by John A. Johnston.

For congregations considering a study of world religions, this newly published Canadian volume is now available. As its title denotes, this book is a compendium of well-researched information about various faith groups and contains biographies of founders and leaders who have influenced religious thought and practice. Individuals such as Maimonides and Hillel of the Jewish faith or George Fox of the Quakers offer fascinating reading. Lesser known but probably even more interesting are personalities such as the Hindu mystic Sri Ramakrishna or the Sufti ascetic Rabi'ah Al-'Adawiyah.

The reader will also find valuable addresses, Web sites etc. of Canadian multifaith libraries and denominational depositories. For group leaders, sample lesson outlines, assignments and discussion topics will prove helpful. A multicoloured poster on The Golden Rule is suggested as the focal point of an introduction to any world religions study.

John A. Johnston, who lives in Hamilton, Ont., is a retired minister of The Presbyterian Church in Canada.
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Title Annotation:Review
Publication:Presbyterian Record
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Date:Sep 1, 2001
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