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A Website passionate about marketing.

Pat McKeough's website,, was designed by Creative Direct Marketing Group, whose president, Craig Huey, has probably won more newsletter promotion awards from The Newsletter on Newsletters than any other copywriter.

You can see his copywriting skills hard at work at McKeough's website. The "landing page" is really 15 pages--15 pages of benefit-laden copy. It's designed on a 3-column grid. The left-hand one initially features a smiling photo of McKeough and then presents dozens of testimonials and frequent opportunities to "Click here" for a free one-month trial subscription to The Successful Investor (which comes with three special reports), or for a 1-year or 6-month subscription.

The double-width right-hand column is one, long direct marketing sales letter with, and this is very important, frequent click-throughs to read more about any number of special reports. The equivalent of the Johnson Box reads in bold blue and red type,

The site is a model of fact-filled and benefit-filled copy devoted exclusively to selling the newsletter and its many special reports.

Well worth a visit and a long study of its techniques.


"My Canadian Conservative Growth Portfolio skyrocketed 139.18% Turning $100,000 into $239,000 during one of the most volatile markets in history!"
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Title Annotation:Publisher's Profile
Publication:The Newsletter on Newsletters
Date:Dec 17, 2004
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