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A Way to Get Started on Cavity-Pressure Control.

A new kit of components is designed to help molders get started in cavity-pressure control quickly and easily and at a substantial cost savings. Three Cavitypak kits are the latest in the Dynapak series of bundled product kits from Dynisco Instruments, Franklin, Mass. All three kits include a cavity-pressure transducer, signal-conditioning electronics, and Dynisco's new CPC832 cavity-pressure monitor with flash-memory card, plus cables and accessories. The kits offer a choice of inexpensive button-style strain-gauge transducer or more accurate piezoelectric sensors--either flush mounted in the cavity or located behind an ejector pin. Kit prices range from $3630 to $4265.
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Title Annotation:Dynisco Industrments' Cavitypak kits
Comment:A Way to Get Started on Cavity-Pressure Control.(Dynisco Industrments' Cavitypak kits)
Publication:Plastics Technology
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Date:Apr 1, 2001
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