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A Watercolor for the Painter Pedro Serna.

 My friend, Pedro Serna, your paintings, made silence and lightness
of air, speak to me from the canvas so deeply that at times I believe
you copy my soul.
 Your brush doesn't seek tired surprises. You don't paint to
make a name for yourself. And for you to speak to us of your love for
the world, so little is required, almost nothing:
perhaps a bit of sky, some cypresses, the reflection of a branch in a
pool; or on the tablecloth, where someone has arranged a few flowers in
a glass of water. 

Translations from the Spanish By Arthur Dixon & Daniel Simon

Editorial note: The Spanish versions of all these poems appear in Las dos hermanas: Antologia de la poesia espanola e hispanoamericana del siglo XX sobre pintura, ed. Enrique Andres Ruiz (FCE, 2011).

Jose Mateos (www.josemateos. es) is a Spanish poet, journalist, and painter born in Jerez de la Frontera in 1963. His books include Una extrana dudad, Dias en daro, Cancones, La niebla, Haikusyotras pinceladas, and Cantos de vida y vuelta. A volume of his collected poems, Reunion, was published in 2006.

Arthur Dixon is a translator and an intern at World Literature Today. He studies Spanish-language literature and Latin American history at the University of Oklahoma.

Daniel Simon is the editor in chief of World Literature Today. His chapbook of poems. Cast Off, came out in September, and a full-length verse collection, Incarnations, is forthcoming in 2016.

Born in 1944 in Torres de Cotillas, Pedro Serna is a Spanish painter famous for his watercolor landscapes, which highlight the disappearance of traditional rural scenes in a modernizing Spain.

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Title Annotation:Five Spanish Art Poems
Author:Mateos, Jose
Publication:World Literature Today
Date:Nov 1, 2015
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