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A WEEK IN THE LIFE OF... Ibrahim Abudyak.



A great start to the week is essential.

I wake up at 7am and prepare breakfast and coffee before I get ready to leave home. I review my daily calendar then head to one of my favorite coffee spots in town to work on my emails, coaching and business consulting. At 11am I head

to The Smash Room where I meet the team, catch up on what's happened

over the weekend and we plan for the week ahead. On my way there I listen to some audio books or podcasts. Later, I head to the gym at about 6pm for my weekly class.


I start the day with an avocado toast

for breakfast before heading into several meetings with suppliers, contractors

and my business partner. In the afternoon I go to The Smash Room to meet up with my awesome team and make sure the energy level is at its peak. I spend some time talking to customers and interacting with them before and after they are done smashing. Positive customer experience is of the utmost importance so I like to speak to people and make sure they have enjoyed themselves and ask for any feedback they might have.

The evening sees me return to the gym. I enjoy group classes as they motivate me to keep going back. Fitness is important to me as I strongly believe in the power of exercise to get the blood flowing. It's not only good for the health,

it's good for a healthy mind and it helps keep me to relax and unwind after a busy day at work.


After the usual caffeine dose (two or three flat whites), I am ready to take hump day by storm, I have meetings set with potential franchisees for The Smash Room, then a meeting with my digital marketing and public relations teams to review progress and align on our next steps and upcoming summer activities. Tuesday evening means movies night so I can properly relax on the sofa at home.


This day of the week is dedicated to coaching and consultation work, whereby I travel within the country or the region

to meet clients and add value to their lives. Most of my coaching clients are automotive businesses looking to tap into their true potential. Travel time means reading books -- I much prefer paperbacks and the feeling of having a book in my hand than using a Kindle. In between meetings I check emails and action anything that needs to be done while the team at The Smash Room continues to provide shattering times to our customers. My third workout of the week is also completed right after I finish my work.


I head to The Smash Room to review

the readiness for the weekend as the venue gets really busy. In the afternoon

I review the progress on the continuous improvement plans, both at personal

and professional levels, as learning and development never stops. As it gets dark, I am out and about spending time with friends and loved ones.


I love Fridays, as I enjoy a really nice breakfast out or sometimes delivered and eaten in bed. Then it is my weekly sunbathing time when I head to one of Dubai's nice beaches and enjoy tanning under the hot sun. Friday evening drives clear the mind before I connect with my family abroad and enjoy a good meal in the evening.


I usually like to take an early morning gym class but sometimes this is pushed to the afternoon if I need an extra long lie-in. I do some light work here and there, mainly phone calls and emails, and then do

my weekly grocery shopping and home cleaning. Later in the day I make time to watch a couple of episodes of my favorite series on Netflix, play a video game then read or listen to a book or a podcast before I put myself to sleep and prepare for the week ahead.

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Publication:Gulf Business
Date:Jul 7, 2019
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