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A Voice for the Silent Generation.

When it comes to produce shopping, the silent generation seeks a wide, high-quality selection; smaller quantities; convenience; and signage indicating local and nutritional aspects, according to a recent Barriers to Purchase (BTP) study.

The BTP study reveals that, unlike their younger counterparts, silents are not as easily influenced by new food trends, technology and price. Instead, it's their waste not, want not attitude and demand for quality, simplicity and traditional values that shape their produce shopping behaviors.

"They live in smaller households and are averse to waste, therefore leaning toward smaller packages and bulk," says Cara Ammon, principal of Beacon Research Solutions (BRS) and BTP co-administer. "And they want to extend their years, so health and nutrition weigh heavily in their purchasing decisions.

"Silents are incredibly true to their name, in that they're not necessarily going to broadcast what they want," Ammon says. "But if they are ignored, they will go elsewhere to open their wallets."

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Publication:Winsight Grocery Business
Date:Nov 1, 2017
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