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A Voice For Gaza, From the West Bank.

Issa Amro is the director of Youth Against Settlements, a non-partisan NGO based in the West Bank city of Hebron that seeks to end the Israeli occupation through non-violence. The organization's activities include presentations, screenings, and tours intended for Israelis, Palestinians, and the international community. They also take advantage of social media and YouTube to disseminate information about what's happening in Hebron, and how to use non-violent means to oppose it.

On Friday, Amro organized a non-violent protest in support of Gaza, which 30,000 people attended, many of them women, children, and the elderly. Amro said the protest was non-violent, and video footage seems to support his claim. Israeli soldiers began shooting at the protestors with live fire, which is illegal under international law. According to one report, 90 people were wounded, 72 from live ammunition. But Amro said this is par for the course, telling me that at every non-violent protest he's organized, soldiers have started shooting, which then causes protestors to respond violently.

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Author:Ungar-Sargon, Batya
Publication:Tablet Magazine
Date:Aug 4, 2014
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