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A Very Long Engagement.

A VERY LONG ENGAGEMENT. Sebastien Japrisot. 1993/2004. Read by Isabel Keating. 9 cds. 9.5 hrs. BBC Audiobooks America. 0-7927-3356-8. $89.95. Vinyl; plot, author, reader notes. SA

This historical mystery/love story is set in France immediately following WW I. A young Frenchwoman is determined to find out what happened to her fiance, reported killed in action. With all the confusion of the war, she feels he might still be alive. As she searches she finds out he was one of five soldiers condemned to death because of self-inflicted wounds, treason during war. There is no official documentation because they were sent into no-mans-land where the Germans were shooting, and so it is unknown if the men were shot or survived.

Accomplished actress Keating reads with a French accent to produce a variety of characters. This novel, with its insight into the unspeakable atrocities of war, was made into a movie by the director of Amelie. Sherri Ginsberg, Libn., Chapel Hill, NC

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Author:Ginsberg, Sherri
Article Type:Audiobook Review
Date:Jul 1, 2005
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