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Byline: Paul Dixon

I AM loath to go down the 'what I learned last week' route, but I do have some random observations.

Firstly, mercifully, the skies over the North East are safe, after a deadly consignment of Pease Pudding was confiscated at Newcastle Airport.

Also, the disgraced, and recently re-employed ex-England manager, is lauded because he hasn't been relegated from the Premiership. Well, neither has Sir Alex, Wenger, Mourinho or Gary Megson. And at the World Cup draw, we learned that despite the distaste for gays and Jews, the 2022 World Cup will still be held in 1930s Berlin.

Locally, it would also seem that we aren't as good as Watford, merely equitable with West Brom and unsurprisingly not equipped for the mini division that chelsea play in, where we replicated the defeat at Man U by committing the cardinal sin of scoring first and early, merely aggravated our opponents.

The point at West Brom being the most frustrating. They were still in a state of flux after transferring their management duties from the 1960s to the 1990s, and hadn't won since Latin was the predominant language in the UK.

Naturally, we again conceded a vital goal at the end of a half, which suggests that some of them either have an aversion to whistles or incredibly short attention spans. While the response was heartening, it was after all West Brom, not exactly the footballing equivalent of the Maginot Line.

We have a rum old fixture list on the horizon, and the target of at least 20 points by New Year isn't going to be as easy to breech as our defence in injury time.

Of course, in the background is the takeover, and it's difficult not to equate our current league inertia with the uncertainty.

Like the interminable and tedious Brexit dronings, in the absence of anything concrete then gossip fills the vacuum.

If we believed every 'report' in the media, we'd be rampant schizophrenics, but it's impossible to dismiss it as supporters, so it must have an affect on the players.

As ever with NUFC, we're in a state of flux, and as supporters, it's best summed up by playwright Arthur Miller, third in line to Marilyn Monroe: "Maybe all one can do is to end up with the right regrets".

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Title Annotation:Sport
Publication:The Journal (Newcastle, England)
Date:Dec 4, 2017
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