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Byline: Paul Dixon

DUE to reasons I won't bore you with, I ended up watching the Liverpool game in my stately pile.

This prevented me from giving all concerned a well-deserved round of applause. We seem to have realised starting with more than one attacking menace is a more rewarding tactic than starting off conservatively and ending up chasing the game.

Liverpool were appalling, but that musn't detract from a performance which backed up the team's public suppoprt for Alan Pardew.

We are doing what supporters have asked for all along in that we're starting to play with a purpose, being positive and getting supporters out of their seats.

The next four games are West Brom, QPR, West Ham and Burnley, eminently winnable all - keep this going chaps, we really are behind you.

According to bookmakers, at 7.30 last Wednesday evening we were the same price to win at Al City as Shrewsbury were to beat Chelsea the evening before. Apparently the same bookies were also offering the same odds on us completing a Spurs/ Al City/ Liverpool treble as the chances of Nigel Farage standing in a Calais car park handing out free passports.

What mustn't happen now is that supporters hear about cup competitions getting in the way as has been the usual mantra.

Frank Lampard once said when players were on a roll and winning, they could play two games a day. It is all about momentum.

Let Pardew challenge the players publicly to use this run as a positive, even telling the usual first-teamers they must fight for their place.

I would urge the club to put an end to old failings of not capitalising on an advantageous situation. We failed to do that when finishing fifth and we usually fail to do that even during matches.

If we can overcome yet another difficult draw and progress to the semis in January, let's see the owner back it up by signing a few cheques - it's what truly aspirational clubs do.

You may have seen the item in the London press stating we supporters must get the sackcloth and ashes out for our antipathy to Pardew. It would be easy to dismiss this nonsense as the ill-informed ramblings of an out-of-touch metropolitan blowhard ... so I will.

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Title Annotation:Sport
Publication:The Journal (Newcastle, England)
Date:Nov 3, 2014
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