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A VEILED THREAT; EXCLUSIVE al-Qaeda cop killer tells prison staff to cover up.


A JAILED al-Qaeda terrorist is demanding women wardens wear veils in his presence.

Kamel Bourgass, 33, the first Muslim fanatic to murder a British police officer, moans female prison staff infringe his human rights.

Bourgass has been in Wakefield jail for just a few weeks, but insiders claim he has already begun preaching Islamist hate against the West to inmates.

And he infuriated wardens with a sick jibe about his knife victim, Detective Constable Stephen Oake.

The dad-of-three, 40, bled to death trying to protect colleagues in a raid on a flat in Crumpsall, Manchester, six years ago.

But the terrorist, who wears a long black cloak, is said to have sneered at the posthumous bravery award to the officer. A prison insider told the Mirror: "He is very abusive and confrontational with staff and says female officers in prayer meetings are a breach of his human rights.

"If they are on duty, he demands they wear a veil.

"We've been told to closely monitor him because he preaches hatred at prayer meetings."

The source added: "When there was a TV report of DC Oake's posthumous Queen's Gallantry Medal, Bourgass was openly mocking him and made a sneering jibe about the medal being made from the metal from his knife. Staff reported him to security. It sickened everyone present." Bourgass boasts he already has two "disciples" inside and is urging others to follow their example.

At the time of the flat raid, he was plotting a terrifying mass poisoning of London Tube passengers.

He got a minimum 22 years for murder and 17 for the poison plot.

Evidence in the Algerian's London flat linked him to Osama Bin Laden and Abu Musab al-Zarqawi - the late terror leader who had Liverpudlian hostage Ken Bigley beheaded in Iraq in 2004.

His jibe about the officer's medal sickened everyone



SICK Bourgass moans about human rights; BRAVE Officer Oake
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Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Geographic Code:4EUUK
Date:Jan 27, 2009
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