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A Twitter storm raged between users in the UAE and Saudi Arabia this week, this is why.

This week saw a Twitter storm brewing between social media users in the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia when a political figure in the UAE fired at Saudi's King Salman over his hosting of several key Muslim Brotherhood supporters in the country this month.

Dubai's ex-police chief Dahy Khakfan took to Twitter earlier this week criticizing the Saudi king for hosting a recent visit with Khaled Meshal, who is the leader of the Palestinian militant group Hamas and regarded by Gulf countries as a Muslim Brotherhood supporter, and Abdulmajeed Alzendany, a Yemeni cleric who has also become well known for his support of the Brotherhood.

The trouble started when the Emirati political figure took to the social media site with this message on Sunday.

[euro][logical not]aa[euro][sup.1]aeaa [euro]*aa[euro]N[euro]ae[euro]*aa [euro]*aaaeaeaa [euro]*[euro][cedilla]ae[euro][degrees] [euro] [euro][euro]nae[euro] aa[euro][acute accent][euro]aeaeac ae[euro] aeae [euro]u[euro]aaac auae [euro]*aa[euro]aaae[euro]1/4 ae[euro][logical not][euro][degrees][euro]aaaeaa..!!..[euro]*aa[euro]aaae[euro]1/4 [euro]*aaaeaeaa ae[euro][euro] ae [euro][logical not]aa[euro][sup.1]aeaa [euro]*aa[euro]N[euro]ae[euro]*aa [euro]*aa[euro]aaae[euro]1/4ae auae aa[euro] [euro][sup.1]aa [euro][macron]aeaaac

-- [euro][micro][euro]*[euro][degrees]ae [euro]aaau[euro]*aa [euro][logical not]aaaeaa (@Dhahi_Khalfan) July 19, 2015

Translation: Muslim brotherhood got overthrown by Egyptians however it remained is the gulf. the gulf today is raising the Muslim Brotherhood ideology in most of its countries.

Responses from users across the region followed, some defending the Saudi King, while others pointing out that Khalfan was not an official Emirati spokesperson, so his opinions shouldn't be taken as such.

[euro]uaa[euro] #[euro][micro][euro]*[euro][degrees]ae_[euro]aaau[euro]*aa_aeac[euro]*[euro]1/4aa_[euro]*aaaaaaaa_[euro]aaaa[euro]*aa ae[euro]*aaaeaeaa #acaeaaaa_aeac[euro]*[euro]1/4aa_[euro]*aa[euro][euro] ae[euro][macron]aeac ae[euro][euro][logical not][euro]aa[euro] aeaa aa[euro] [euro]*[euro][degrees] [euro] aeaeaae[euro][umlaut] [euro]*aaaaaa[euro]*[euro] aa[euro]*[euro][degrees]ae[euro]*ai aeaaaaaa !! aa[euro] [euro][degrees] [euro]*aaaaaa[euro]*[euro] aa[euro]*ae[euro][acute accent]aa [euro]*aa[euro][euro][degrees][euro]*[euro] *_*

-- [euro] [euro] [euro][macron][euro]*aaaaac [euro]*aaaa[euro][cedilla]aaae (@mersalalhooob) July 21, 2015

Translation: Dahy Khalfan and Mahmoud Hekal criticized King Salman's policy, the dogs started to bark, but their noise will never reach the clouds.

#[euro][micro][euro]*[euro][degrees]ae_[euro]aaau[euro]*aa aa[euro]1/4[euro][euro][macron] aaae[euro][sup.1]au ae[euro]1/4[euro][euro]u[euro][logical not]ac [euro] aaae [euro]*aa[euro][degrees]aa[euro]*aa [c][c]aeaaaeaa aa[euro]1/4[euro][euro][macron] [euro][macron]aeaa [euro]uaa aeaaaeaa [euro]*[euro][macron][euro]*[euro][umlaut] [euro][logical not][euro][euro][logical not][euro][euro][macron]aa aaaaaaaeaa aaaa [euro][bar]ae[euro]acaa #[euro][micro][euro]*[euro][degrees]ae_[euro]aaau[euro]*aa_aeac[euro]*[euro]1/4aa_[euro]*aaaaaaaa_[euro]aaaa[euro]*aa ae[euro] ae aaac #[euro] [euro]*[euro][acute accent]au[euro][umlaut]_[euro]*aa[euro][degrees][euro]aa

-- [euro]*aaau[euro]*[euro]y[euro] (@mohsen1379) July 21, 2015

Translation: Dahy Khalfan is just a tool to perform certain media tasks by the rulers.

#[euro][micro][euro]*[euro][degrees]ae_[euro]aaau[euro]*aa_aeac[euro]*[euro]1/4aa_[euro]*aaaaaaaa_[euro]aaaa[euro]*aa [euro] [euro][euro][euro]*[euro][degrees]ac aa[euro]*ae[euro] aaaeaaae [euro]*aa ac[euro]*[euro]1/4aa [euro]*ae aa[euro][macron][euro][degrees] [euro]*ae[euro][logical not][euro][euro]*[euro]1/4[euro] au [euro]*aaaaac[euro]*aeac acae aa[euro]* aeaa[euro]1/2aa [euro]*aa[euro]* aaau[euro]ac .ae[euro]*aaae[euro]*auaaac [euro][logical not][euro]ae[euro] ae[euro]*aaaaaa[euro]*[euro] [euro][logical not]aa[euro] [euro][degrees]

-- U...UaUuUaUo UaU[umlaut]UuU U U...U[logical not] UoUuUo (@nbqxo) July 21, 2015

Translation: honestly I don't care what he says, after all he represent himself and has no political position in UAE.

Others suggested the ex-police chief had a controversial political relationship of his own at stake with ousted Yemeni president Ali Abdullah Saleh who -- with the Saudi-led airstrike campaign in Yemen still raging against his allied Houthi militant group -- is at increasing odds with Saudi leadership.

aa[euro]uaaae [euro] #[euro][micro][euro]*[euro][degrees]ae_[euro]aaau[euro]*aa aaaaaaau aaaa [euro][acute accent][euro][macron]aeaeac [euro]*aa[euro][degrees]aaaeaa #[euro] aaae_[euro][acute accent][euro]*aa[euro][degrees] [euro] [euro] [euro][macron] [euro]uaa [euro][micro][euro]*ae[euro][logical not] [euro] aaaeac [euro]*aa[euro][macron][euro]*[euro]*[euro]ac [euro] aa[euro][degrees][euro]*aeaa[euro][umlaut] [euro]Nae[euro]1/4[euro]*[euro][macron] [euro][sup.3][euro][euro] [euro] aeaa #[euro]*aaaaaaaaaa[euro][umlaut] ae #[euro]*aa[euro]Naa[euro]*[euro][euro]*[euro][logical not] .aeaaaaaa acaeac[euro]*[euro][logical not]

-- [euro] [euro] [euro][macron][euro]*aaaaac aa[euro][degrees]aa[euro][macron] [euro]*aa[euro]1/4[euro] [euro]y[euro][logical not]ae (@Jamoom1000Jhone) July 21, 2015

Translation: Dahy Khalfan is a close friend to Ali Abullah Saleh and he is trying to create a storm in Gulf relationships to helphis old friend as things are getting tighter on him in Yemen.

Last November, the UAE designated scores of militant groups across the region as terrorist organizations, according to Al Jazeera. Among them was the Muslim Brotherhood.

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Date:Jul 22, 2015
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