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A Time for Growth.

A Time for Growth

P. Hemp. 2004. Harvard business review 82 (7/8): 66-74.

Amgen CEO Kevin Sharer attributes his success and company growth to his idea that "a 'leader's actions' must be tailored to meet the demands of a high growth environment.... [Y]ou need to become credible and enlist support inside the company before you start trying to be a change agent. If you think you're going to make change happen simply by force of personality or position or intellect, you'd better think again." Taking the time to "learn the business from the ground up ...," listening in executive meetings, and networking with the company divisions created an environment for Amgen's growth and Sharer's success as a CEO. Interviewing 150 people in the company about their views on Amgen's strengths and weaknesses as well as their attitudes toward Sharer as the CEO "created a shared reality for the company and allowed people to begin aligning around a number of goals. The exercise was probably the single most important thing I did on becoming CEO."

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Title Annotation:MANAGEMENT
Author:Slusher, Tabitha
Publication:Technical Communication
Date:Feb 1, 2005
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