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A Template for Preparing A Technology Applications Plan.

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This annotated model outline provides guidelines for writing a plan for using computers and related learning technologies in schools. It is consistent with the components of the Merrimack Education Center's technology applications planning process, and can be modified to accommodate additional components and special school district requirements. The planning process includes several basic tasks including forming committees, assessing needs and capabilities, and formulating program goals and objectives. It is suggested that the following areas be included in a school district's technology plan: (1) the school district, current status and objectives; (2) curriculum development; (3) computer hardware, software, and technical support; (4) staff development; (5) program organization and implementation; (6) program budget; and (7) other considerations. A complete checklist of planning process steps and a sample table of contents from a typical plan are appended. (4 references) (DB)

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Publication:ERIC: Reports
Date:Jan 1, 1986
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