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A Teacher for Life.

Though it had been three years since high-school teacher LaShonda Carter had Larresha Plummer in her class at Harper High School in Chicago, Carter responded immediately when Plummer needed help.

Carter was perusing her social-media feed one late night at the end of August when she received a message from Plummer, now 18. Plummer had planned to attend a job fair in the morning but was unsure of what to do with her brand-new baby. She did not want to bring the three-week-old infant on public transit, fearing it was an unhealthy environment, and did not have someone to babysit.

"There was no way I would have let her take a baby in a bus, I told her right away that I would pick her up in the morning," Carter told CNN. Carter not only offered to transport Plummer to the fair, but offered to sit in the car with the baby while Plummer networked.

Beyond that, Carter posted a live Facebook video requesting donations for the young mother and her new baby. "Sometimes as a teacher, our jobs go beyond the classroom.... She's a young teenage mom, and she needs some help," said Carter. "I'm gonna do what I can, as much as I can as an educator, but know I can't do it all by myself."

Carter told CNN that Plummer has now found a job and plans to attend college.

Carter is also hopeful that her story will help others to see Chicago in a more positive light and motivate people to do more good deeds. "Because of the murder rate in Chicago, we have such a bad reputation, but we can't be afraid to help others," Carter said. "I believe every day, we get the opportunity to be someone's miracle."

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Author:Clabough, Raven
Publication:The New American
Date:Oct 22, 2018
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