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STUNNED police chiefs have hit out at young drivers who dice with death after taking drink or drugs.

A staggering 30 per cent of Scots questioned in a survey admitted getting behind the wheel while over the limit last year.

And a quarter of regular users admitted driving while on drugs.

The figures - up a whopping eight per cent on the previous year - have shocked cops.

Police chiefs say under 25s blatantly ignore warnings aboutthe dangers of drivingwhendrunk. TaysideAssistantChief ConeWillieBaldsaid:"Aproportionof17-25-year-olddriversseem unawareorchoosetoignoredrink-drivinglegislation. "Theyputthemselvesandothers atrisk." Drink-drivingkillsaround 60Scotseachyearandmaims around250. Andarisingnumberofvictims arefromthe17-25agerange. ThenewScottishExecutive survey - which questioned 730 drivers - discovered that men are three times more likely than women to drink and drive.

It also revealed the extent of the worrying new trend of drug-driving.

Now the RAC Foundation has called for an urgent Government probe into the dangers of people driving while under the influence of anti-depressants.

Up to a million people in Britain take these drugs which can cause dizziness, aggression and blurred vision.
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Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Date:Mar 10, 2003
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