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A Survival Kit for the Secondary School Art Teacher.

A SURVIVAL KIT FOR THE SECONDARY SCHOOL ART TEACHER. Developed by Helen D. Hume. Produced by the Center for Applied Research in Education, West Nyack, New York, 10995.

This program resource is a classic of the how-to-get-by school. It is unique in that it focuses on secondary instruction, where we seldom see such an approach to curricular needs. This "kit" is in reality a book containing a collection of art projects that cover a wide range of subjects, techniques and materials. It includes over 75 reproducible student projects that are organized into n sections, each focusing on a specific art topic or technique. There is something in it for everyone and every art form, from advertising art to tic-dying to photo etching to Japanese teabowls.

The book is what it says it is--a survival kit for secondary art teachers. Unfortunately, it is survival at a subsistence level. For a look, contact the publisher.
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Author:Baker, David
Publication:School Arts
Article Type:Audiovisual Review
Date:Jan 1, 1991
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