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A Survey of Arab-Israeli Relations 1947-2001.

Edited by David Lea published by Europa publications ISBN 1 85743 141 3 price 95.00 [pounds sterling] hardback

This is the first edition of a new title in Europa's range of international reference books, documenting the principal events in one of the most intractable and long- running international disputes in the contemporary world. The book aims to provide a comprehensive and impartial review of the events that have shaped the Arab-Israeli dispute in the period between the end of the British Mandate in Palestine and the present. Europa's standing as a current-affairs publisher throughout this period enables it to provide a unique record of the region's events. The five sections comprising this book aim to approach the issues in such a way as to present the reader with more than one perspective on a particular topic. A chronology of the period gives a record of events with an important bearing on the subject matter. The second section, an essay compiled over time by a number of academics and writers on Middle Eastern affairs, attempts to detail events from 1967-2001 in a more analytical context. The third part, Documents on Palestine, reproduces the texts of a number of letters, treaties and agreements that have arisen from the Arab-Israeli dispute, and illustrates a number of these with maps. Fourthly, a series of profiles of the most prominent political figures in Arab-Israeli relations in the period concerned permits the reader to understand the personalities involved. Lastly, a bibliography provides further reading on the subject and closely related topics.

At a time when the prospect of a durable peace in the region appears more remote than for some years, and references are frequently made to earlier events in the history of Arab-Israeli Relations, it is hoped that this book will prove a significant and impartial addition to the body of published material on the subject.
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Author:Rhodes, Fred
Publication:The Middle East
Article Type:Book Review
Date:Mar 1, 2003
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